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Extend the Beauty of Your Hair With Rapture

Rapture is the new hair extension system for women (and men!) who want non-detectable hair extensions that serve to scream “awesome hair”. What’s more, Rapture serves to give you length and volume without ruining the integrity of your own hair. Interested? You aren’t the only one. Celebs including Catherine Tyldesley, Katie McGylnn and Gemma Collins are already converted to the magical powers of Rapture.

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Thinning Hair? Don’t Care!

Have you made the mistake of thinking that thinning hair is something you got the short straw with in the gene pool lottery? Or, maybe, you’ve accepted it as one of those things that goes down with aging? You might even put it down to the curse (and stress!) of having children and the subsequent whacky hormones. Whatever the culprit, know that thinning hair isn’t something you have to learn to love – not when there are Trichologist

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Our Team’s Favourite Summer Styles To Rock Your World

It’s that time when our team get together, lock themselves in a room and make a case for what we think are set to be the biggest trends. This time we are taking hair trends to penetrate your summer. And, as it happens, we know a thing or two about this trend prediction business,  calling […]

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If you go down to Sixth Sense Salon today, you’re in for a big surprise… The 6S team are super excited to announce that out of 1000’s of retail outlets across Birmingham we have been selected to house one of the baby bears for this year ‘The BIG Sleuth’, Sutton Coldfield.

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What If Perfect Hair Was Only A Tablet Away?

We are super excited to finally unveil a product which really does promise to produce results for those suffering from hair loss due to an inadequate diet – Mark Blake Trichnology Tablets.

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6 Styles To Survive A Heatwave

Most of the country is currently in the throes of a heatwave, which is delicious for, oh, about an hour. We are, after all, British – which means thoughts quickly turn to it being “too hot”. Of course, no one has our sympathies more than the ladies (and gents) who have longer than average tresses and need to survive tropical temps whilst minimalizing both frizz and the very real risk of over-heating. Don’t worry though, while summer might not lend itself perfectly to Kardashian style sleek hair – it does allow for updos aplenty. So, whether you are suffering the sun at home, or totally enjoying it abroad – be sure to check out our summer hairstyles that keep you cool (in all sense of the word).

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Princess ‘dos that Disney wouldn’t diss – 3 hairstyles for prom princesses

Well done, you’ve made it to prom season and now it’s time to throw a party to celebrate all your academic awesomeness. Planning how to style the party out is worth losing many hours on Pinterest over, but when it comes to hair – we have your back with our ultimate prom hairstyles guide.

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The Art Of Being Patient As You Grow Your Hair

We get it, summer hair just seems to call for, well, length. Whether it’s for braiding, glittering, or rainbowing, long hair just seems to wear it well. Which is easier said than done if you are rocking short to mid hair and currently in a hair-growing funk. Don’t worry, if you crave Kardashian style locks, […]

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Festival Hair

5 Hair Styles With Festival Feels

It’s that time of year again, festival season is upon us. Parklife just kicked things off last weekend, and a rampage of festivals will follow suit. When it comes to festival hair, fun-seekers face two main challenges; firstly, most festival looks (garlands and plaits) have been done to death, secondly, let’s talk practicality, namely, how […]

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Wedding hair 2017: Say ‘I do’ to these ‘dos

Are you set to be a 2017 bride? If so, congratulations are in order! What a fantastic year to get hitched, with beautiful wedding dress trends including bows and capped sleeves a plenty. But it’s not just all about the dress; also occupying your head-space has to be the best ‘do for ‘I do’ which is why we’ve done the hard work for you. Presenting the very best in wedding hair 2017.

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