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Now our 6S Pride event has been and gone, I spoke with our Salon Directors and Co-Founders Dean Robertson and Dean Vinning to hear their thoughts around the event…


🥳 What was the idea behind this event? 🥳

“It was a spontaneous idea really… we had a few members of staff who had booked to go to Birmingham Pride this summer, when we heard it had been postponed because of the pandemic we felt like we wanted to bring pride to the salon instead! Preparing for our very own 6S Pride gave the team something to be excited for, whilst giving our clients who attended on the day something fun to celebrate. The event also gave us the opportunity to bring some positive news to our awesome loyal clients who weren’t booked in on the day, but cheered us on and supported online”

🌈 What happened at the event? 🌈

“From rainbow flags to rainbow straws; if it had a rainbow we bought it! Our amazing stylist Amy showed off her balloon arch skills as rainbow balloons welcomed our clients into the salon, whilst our Front of House played a pride playlist especially made for the day. Our stylists were dressed in fabulously camp gear (shout out to Jon who had to get a very public train home that evening in his hot pants!) and drinks were flowing whilst we celebrated in style.”

🤔 What about COVID guidelines? 🤔

“We know we know, there’s still a pandemic (sigh). But who said we couldn’t still have fun?! Masks were still worn, sanitiser was still used, stations were still sterilised and in a bid to be safe with our drinks we had enough canned cocktails to sink a ship!”

😊 Will it be making a reoccurrence? 😊

“I did an Instagram poll on our stories and a lot of you guys loved it! I think we may have started something that will be around for a long time… maybe next year a pride week? Who knows, but it’ll definitely be back for a day or two in 2022 at least!”

✨ Is there anything you’d like to share? ✨

“Just that we are so grateful for all the client loyalty and support we have received lately, our salon seems to attract some of the best people, and we couldn’t be any happier with our close and extended 6S Family!”

See below some of our photos from the day!

If you’d like to donate to a local LGBTQIA+ organisation you can do so by clicking the link here.

For more photos of what we get up to at the salon, visit our Instagram!

Our Colour TREND Forecast: For Men Made to STAND OUT


Men are dying their hair left right and CENTRE at the moment and we are LOVING it. After the early 2000’s, we completely understand why a lot of men shudder at the thought of doing anything too ‘wild’ with their hair; but times have changed since the days of Justin Timberlakes noodle curls and frosted tips. Have a look for yourself (number 4 is our fave).


Bring on summer with this tropical colour; famous from Frank Ocean’s 2016 Blonde album, we think brighter looks will start popping up in 2021 as our everyday fashion choices get more creative this year.



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Shown here on Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, silver is a stand-out colour choice for men who want to be on-trend without bright colours. Silver can be worn so many ways too, you can even darken your roots and add a black root smudge; for a more charcoal look with dimension.


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3. Platinum BABY!

The Silver manes cousin, for the fairer skin tones. If you’re feeling like your style needs a shake-up why not go platinum? This is giving us SUMMER. VIBES.

Even ol’ Paddy McGuiness has jumped on this one! But we’re thinking more  Channing Tatum as our style icon (sorry Paddy). We couldn’t use Channing’s photo due to copyright, so enjoy a photo of this lovely chap.



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Greyish hues of blue and lavender are great ways to express your style but still keeping a level of tame. Zayn Malik is a huge advocate for fun hair, and we really think he hit the nail on the head with this one. These icey, metallic colours fade out better than their vibrant counterparts, and are more on the subtle side; but still definitely a statement.


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5. COMING IN HOT (but make it short)

We apologise for using Frank Ocean as our model again (but not really), he just KNOWS how to pull off coloured hair. The bright greens, blues and hot pinks just WORK on short hair! Not only is the short hair pairing summer friendly, but you can experiment with a fresh head of colour every trim!


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For longer hair we’d definitely recommend a pastel colour! The beauty of pastel is that it can be created in a way that fades out for less maintenance.


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Still unsure?

With Wella’s Color Fresh masks or Perfecton products you can top up your salon colour or experiment at home; perfect if you want a boost of colour for a night out!

Get in touch with the salon and we can recommend the best colour mask for a temporary change before you take the plunge!



Now you’ve seen all these lovely celebrity Instagrams; take a look at ours below! 

You Can Do This! Reopening Advice…


You’re not alone. Last reopening, we had some nervous clients and we know that coming back to the salon can be a daunting task for many. So, here at Sixth Sense Salon Sutton Coldfield, we’ve put together some of our top tips for life returning to normal.

 Ease yourself into things.

Start introducing areas of normal life that make you feel comfortable. If you’ve been a bit more hermit-ish than others this lockdown (guilty!), this could be interacting more with your close family/friends through phone calls, walking more, or waking up a bit earlier. For our more extroverted types, go for walks with friends, get excited to share your highs and lows of lockdown, and try seeing how they’ve coped.

Just a teeny bit of progress is all you need, slow and steady guys.

Repeat after me: “I am not silly”.

It can be so easy to dismiss our concerns and write them off because we feel silly. Make this your mantra for when you’re out in the real world. It’s not silly to feel nervous, it’s not silly to be cautious. Remember this when you’re in the salon too; ask us questions, be honest (you aren’t the only one who regretfully reached for the box dye!), and just talk to us freely! We’re all human too and had our own lockdown struggles, and we 100% get it.

Put YOU first.

When we say this we mean two things; mind AND body guys. Don’t forget to keep hydrated and eat plenty, it sounds so simple but you need this extra energy more than ever now! When it comes to your mind, try to take things as slow as possible, constantly assess your boundaries, and try not to sign up to too much. You’re well within your rights to say  “I’d love to go for a walk, but I’m struggling and I don’t feel I can make plans just yet , can I get in touch when I’m ready?”.

Routine your home time!

Resist temptation to fill your calendar with endless outside demands, and schedule things to do at home. If you’re particularly struggling with the lockdown ease, give yourself a goal  you’re comfortable with, say 5 hours a week out of the house, and see if you can gradually increase this until you’re back to your usual self.

Seek extra help.

Think about the main reason you’re struggling ith the transition, and whether there are any resources you can use. Be that counselling, friends, or websites, here’s some of our favourites:

CLICK HERE: Mental Health Foundation’s advice

CLICK HERE: British Heart Foundations advice 


At Sixth Sense Salon Sutton Coldfield we have strict safety measures in place, hand sanitisers at every station, a mask policy, longer working days (9am-9pm) to minimise clients in the salon at one time, and call our clients before their appointment to check they’ve not had any symptoms. If you have any questions, please get in touch, through our social media, or

For more information on COVID-19 rules for visiting the salon, and what we’re doing to keep you safe, visit our blog from last lockdown here.


5 Netflix Hairstyles we NEED to Recreate

We’re firm believers in the power of hair. Our hair allows us to start new chapters, be creative, and express ourselves. At Sixth Sense Salon we find inspiration EVERYWHERE. 

These days we’re all spending more time streaming Netflix than anything else. So why not take inspiration from these familiar faces? Below we’ve rounded up our top 5 hair inspos from Netflix at the moment…

Queens Gambit (Beth Harmon)


Even global supermodel Gigi Hadid has ditched her signature blonde locks for a fiery recharge thanks to Queen’s Gambit’s chess champion (and strong willed red head) Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. 

Vogue wrote an entire article about the planning and detail in the shows wardrobe choices, and the attention to Beth’s hair is no different. This final look is towards the end of the show, we don’t want to give away any spoilers, but in a strong scene for this character; this hairstyle shows elegance, yet strength. 

The soft copper shade and shoulder length is also great for welcoming the spring. 

Bridgerton (Marina Thompson)

If you haven’t seen Bridgerton yet, do you even HAVE Netflix? 

Marina Thompson’s voluminous up-do in this scene is more modern than a lot of the styles on the show and looks more like a 90s high ponytail. Whether you’re blessed with these curls or not, voluminous ponytails are something we’re keeping our eye on this spring.

Schitt’s Creek (Moira Rose)

Although the character had some questionable wigs in the hit series “Schitt’s  Creek”, Catherine O’Hara was incredible in this show; and at 67 Moira Rose is proof that amazing hair can be pulled of at ANY age. 

Good Girls – Annie Marks

Annie Marks’ hair has a few changes throughout the series Good Girls (yes, we’ve binged). From long blonde curls in the beginning, to a platinum bob later on in the series. We love that Annie has hair the everyday woman can achieve, and this drastic change showed us major character development; she looked AMAZING. 

Michelle Visage – Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Who says money pieces are only for teens? Michelle visage pulls off this silver streak and we’re obsessed. If you’ve seen Ru Paul’s Drag Race, chances are you’ve been as glued to Michelle’s hair this season as we have!

Our Advice

So, after seeing which hairstyles we are living for, we encourage you to watch your TV shows in hunt of inspiration; and let us know which on-screen icons you’ve been inspired by lately!

BYE BYE BASIC… What’s Your Next Colour?

With all these sporadic announcements and constant uncertainty it can be hard for us to prepare for returning to normal life. However, with Sixth Sense Salon’s unwavering optimism we don’t see the harm in planning your next glam sesh!

In case you missed our post earlier this month, we’re obsessed with the Pantone colours of the year this month, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. The Pantone colours of the year have a huge impact on the fashion in many industries, so we’re keeping our eye out for trending silvers and pops of colour, here’s our best advice whilst you have *plenty* of time to assess whether you should take a walk on the wild side… and if you already have CONGRATS, we have some maintenance advice for you too. 🥳



What’s your #1 advice for those thinking of taking the icey plunge? 

“Achieving silver hair will be a journey and can be a long one depending where your hair is at the moment, I would say be patient, trust your stylist and invest in the hairs integrity. Silver hair is a huge commitment in regards  to up keep, but with the right products regime and advice will give you the right tools to look after and love your new silver hair.”

What products would you recommend for silver hair?

“I would definitely advise silver shampoo to help keep colour tone and also wellaplex no3 as a bond builder to help keep the hairs strength but with that also comes adding moisture to the hair, especially when lightened, you can add moisture using leave in products such as System Professional’s luxe oil or weekly treatments with the Nioxin density mask.”

Any styling advice?

“Try and keep heat to a minimum, too much heat on the hair can cause the colour to fade quicker but applying a heat protector when using hot tools such as Cloud 9 magic potion would be a great defence.”

What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to going silver?

“The biggest mistake I have seen with silver hair is being sure the colour your aiming for will suit, this covers everything from skin tone to eye colour, we all love silver hair but it doesn’t love us all back 🤣😜”


Here’s some more of our stylists Silver creations!




Q: What would you advise to anyone considering shaking things up a bit?

“I’d have to say don’t be scared by colour! Coloured hair can be as vibrant or as muted down as you want, so if you’re a bit hesitant you can always start with a more toned down colour.”

Q: Do you have any styling tips?

“Aftercare for coloured hair is very similar to silver hair maintenance as Conna mentioned, use cooler water for washing hair and use less heat and heat protection when styling.”

Q: How do I maintain coloured hair?

“When colouring hair I always consider that at least some colour fade will eventually occur, some of my clients like the faded out looks (like how a bright pink can fade to a soft baby pink) however you can maintain any desired vibrancy with toner sessions in between colouring, using a colour save shampoo and conditioner, or even treating yourself to a wella colour fresh mask*”

*For more information about Wella’s AMAZING colour fresh masks mentioned (we really can’t stop shouting about these) click here.

Here’s some more of our vibrant works of art…


So whether you’re already bold and beautiful or fancy giving something different  a go, hopefully these tips help! You can find more frequently asked questions (and ask your own queries) on our Lockdown Locks – Hair Queries Untangled page on Facebook, by clicking here.

For any products you need, we’re currently operating click and collect Wednesdays 12-2 which you can find more about here! And for more of our creations, follow us on Instagram @sixthsensesalon




Pop by the salon this Wednesday to get your hands on the AMAZING products you’ve missed! We have plenty of shampoos and conditioners to save your colour, alongside our STUNNING Colour Fresh masks if you’re needing a colour refresh before we see you next 🌈 We’ve also managed to get our hands on some Rapture Hair Extensions removal kits for all our Rapunzel babes out there 👀

If none of that takes your fancy, we’ve got gift cards available which you can purchase for a friend (or treat yourself if you’d like to help out!) 💇🏻‍

Message us directly or email and we’d be happy to get you the goods 🍬 Here’s a bit more information on the products we have to offer:


The Colour Fresh Mask is a treatment for reviving and refreshing your hair colour, whilst keeping your strands silky smooth. This is a great product for those needing to maintain their colour, or who want something bolder in between appointments. Allowing for a speedy refresh at home, you can see more about these masks in Wella’s promo video below: 

CLICK HERE to see why you need these masks in your life and the magical effects they have on your hair.


Nioxin is the gift that keeps on giving for those with thinning hair, with an extensive list of products from shampoos and conditioners to mousses and hairspray. 

A great starting point for Nioxin Newbies would be the 3-part System kit. Each 3-part System contains a unique blend of three technologies, formulated to promote scalp health and combat thin hair in both women and men. They’ve got the evidence to back them too; in a survey amongst 230 panelists, 85% of consumers who tried the Systems noticed a thickening effect. 

You can find out more about Nioxin products and get hair loss advice on their website here.


You need to buy this shampoo (or one of its colour saving sisters) if you have coloured hair you want to keep as vibrant as you. This particular range includes Wella’s “Color Brilliance-Blend™”, a powerful combination of new ingredients that maintain colour vibrancy and protect coloured hair. Copper encapsulating molecules maintain vibrancy whilst histidine and vitamin E help control the oxidation process after colouration and protect the colour (Anti-Oxidant Shield Technology). The Lime Caviar is known to contain various anti-oxidants and vitamins.

And they smell SO GOOD with a mix of refreshing citrus cocktail and a woody soft undertone. You can find out more on Wella’s website here.


Elements is Wella Professionalss ‘free of'” care range for ingredient-conscious clients. With NuTree Complex, the Elements range instantly repairs and prevents against keratin degeneration. 


Click here to find our more on Wella’s website.


If you haven’t seen a product yet that suits what your looking for, then System Professional are bound to have the one for you. Their extensive range involves products for volumising, balancing, purifying, energising, hydrating and all other areas of hair maintenance. Our customer favourites include the Hydration Mist, the Colour Save range and Silver Shine shampoo and conditioner. 

To see all the wonderful products they have to offer, visit their website here.


After last lockdown we refused to have another Click and Collect without the Rapture Removal Kit to help out our clients with extensions. The removal kit includes a shampoo and conditioner for maintenance and a comb and removal spray which allows you to gently remove the extensions (we advise you ask someone to help though) to make this lockdown easier. We advise you keep hold of the extensions, and as soon as we’re back we’d be happy to get you back to your volumized selves!

2021: Get Your Bounce Back!

2021 might look different to previous New Years, but at Sixth Sense Salon we’re determined to start this year stronger than ever! 💪 

Introducing our new campaign to help you ⚡GET YOUR BOUNCE BACK⚡ inspired by Pantone’s colours of the year 2021: Illuminating and Ultimate Grey (which you can find on their website here)

We’ve had some plans in the works for a while now – obviously lockdown wasn’t one of them – however 2020 has taught us to adapt. We won’t let anything get in the way of our love for you guys, so we’re going to be bigger and stronger this New Year, even if that means virtually for a little while. 💛

Our determination is why 2021 will be the year we BOUNCE BACK. We truly believe we are stronger together and during this lockdown we will be at the forefront of client wellness, making sure we keep our Sixth Sense promise in looking after you through these tough times, starting through our social media! Expect bi-weekly articles, advice from your stylists, updates and whatever creative findings we have to share with you (starting with our free printable daily and weekly planners to help you schedule your new lockdown routines!).

Let Sixth Sense Salon hold your hand throughout this new year and help you BOUNCE BACK, let this be the year we’re all wiser and stronger than ever (and whilst we’re at it, there’s no reason why your hair can’t be as ✨stunning✨ as you are).




So you’ve heard about the new restrictions in the West Midlands and you’re wondering what that means for your hair… the Sixth Sense team are pros at this point and our AMAZING ladies on the front of house will be working tirelessly to make sure that as soon as we’re open your tresses are getting the attention they’ve missed, we will be in touch (promise!).
Those who were booked in from tomorrow (Jan 31st) onwards are our priority and we will backdate appointments accordingly once we have a definitive date when we can open.
Our phone lines are still live, but will go straight to the answer machine where you can leave a message, but there may be a delay in getting to you; for now online bookings have been disabled until we know we can open. For any booking enquiries please email us: with subject appointment, then in body of the email: your name, contact number and a brief description of what services you would like.
If you do not have an appointment booked but would like to be added to our priority call backlist, please mail the salon directly.
To keep in the loop with what we’re up to, please follow us on Facebook by clicking here; the salon being closed, won’t stop us from showing our faces!
Take care, keep safe and *once again*, whatever you do, don’t box dye your hair…
Lots of Love Dean, Dean & The 6S Team xx

Shop Local This Christmas

With Christmas only weeks away, your local high street, salon, and even your stylist need you more than ever as we all try to deal with the devastation the pandemic has had on the retail/hospitality sector. Show us some love and support your High Street by bearing us in mind when purchasing your Christmas presents this year. 

We have a range of festive gift packs, perfect as stocking fillers or just treat yourself and save on your favourite products at discounted prices.

Check out what’s available below and then purchase when you’re next in the salon:


The Colour Fresh Mask is the perfect combination of temporary colour and complete care; a treatment that revives and refreshes your hair colour, while keeping strands silky-smooth and what moisturised. If you’re looking for a way to boost salon colour between pro appointments, this is your go-to, allowing you to get a speedy refresh at home…  You  gonna be bold or  natural, check  them out  in this awesome promo video from Wella:

CLICK HERE to see why you need these masks in your life and the magical effects they have on your hair.

Available in  from  £20 to £500

Either treat someone special in your life or just treat yourself by pre-purchasing your next appointment with our beautiful Christmas gift cards. 

WELLA  COLOUR BRILLIANCE  –  £19.95 (25% off)
Shampoo & Conditioner 

Wella Brilliance Colour Protection for Coarse Hair is a pH balanced shampoo & conditioner which hydrates and enhances color-treated hair. Hair is left soft, manageable and glossy.

FUSION   £29.00 (10% off)
Shampoo & Conditioner  

Discover the Fusion Hair Recovery care collection for damaged hair. For up to 95 % more resilience against breakage designed to repair and protect the hair against breakage and damages.

Shampoo & Conditioner 

System Professional Color Save line is designed to repair and enhance color treated hair for lasting brilliance.

Shampoo & Conditioner 

The System Professional Hydrate Line, with Formamoist Complex, provides the hair with long-term moisture and active protection from drying out

Shampoo, Conditioner,  30ml Oil &  Gift Bag

System Professional LuxeOil is a high performance oil care line which provides a truly richer experience for you and your hair. It re-energises and enriches hair, providing nourishment and maintaining its energy.

30ml Oil 

Wella reflections oil harnesses the powers of Camellia Oil and White Tea Extract, the luxurious formula infuses individual strands with long-lasting moisture and hydration, whilst restoring softness and mirror-like shine from root to tip.



With the 2nd Covid-19 spike gripping the UK, we have been working tirelessly to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support both clients and team during these tough times. We understand that it’s an extremely worrying and stressful time for a lot of our clients which is why we’ve added these 5 additional measures to reassure our clients that it’s a safe place for everyone.


Our corona angels are working tirelessly ensuring that the whole salon is kept clinically clean between clients and disinfect the whole salon every evening before closure. Our guys are on it, wherever people go or whatever they touch, there’s someone behind them with a Dettol wipe.


The 6S Team are cladded with the finest disposable aprons, towels, colour gowns, gloves – everything. All of which is safely disposed in between clients / the stylist PPE will be brand new, out of a sealed packet. They will also be wearing visors and type 2 surgical masks give clients 2 layers of protection.


We’re now open an additional 26 hours per week with the same amount of stylists working to ensure that we keep the number of people in the salon under what is outlined in our risk assessment. Our quietest days are Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Sunday’s – we recommend clients who are anxious about being around lots of people to come on these days.


And finally, we get it, sometimes in life, we have to cut out some of the little luxuries that make us feel good about ourselves. But don’t let that be your hair, the one thing that when done properly can completely give you that boost of confidence you need to take on the world. Over the past 5 months, we have invested heavily in our graduate program and are pleased to announce that both George and Elle are now fully qualified graduate stylists. This means they have completed their NVQ and have undertaken hours of extensive colouring/cutting sessions so they can hit the salon floor running (or cutting). They are now taking on clients for both cutting and colouring services under the supervision of our 4 in-salon Master Colour experts – as with all of our stylists, their work is outstanding, but more importantly a lot more cost beneficial for clients who want to save but still come to the salon… Call the salon today to enquire on prices and get yourself booked in for a FREE consultation.

Want to see what they can do, click on their faces below to go to their work Instagram profiles…