Cancer Hair Care

cancer-wigsAt Sixth Sense Hair & Beauty in Sutton Coldfield we offer a service to support people with cancer who need help with their hair.

We can give you bespoke hair care advice if you have concerns about your hair before, during or after chemotherapy.   We can also cut and style wigs to ensure you love your new hair and that it hair suits you during these difficult times.

It goes without saying that we will give you as much support as possible.  We can offer an intimate environment in the evening where we close the salon so we can focus on you.  If you wish, friends and family can be there to give you extra support while we shave your hair and style your wig.  We can also have a make-up artist available, if required.

Please come and see us for a free consultation or advice.  If you decide to go ahead, we will need some advance notice and will give you a quote beforehand to cover our time and the products used.


Sixth Sense Salon Sutton Coldfield