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You know how your photos look on Instagram when you add a filter to give them a cool washed out look? Well, we can now recreate that faded look on your hair!

INSTAMATIC by Color Touch has been inspired by the filtered images we all put on Instagram. Here at Sixth Sense Hair & Beauty we can create muted tones and offer a matte gloss service to give you a cool and unique look for your hair.

You can choose between six shades which fade beautifully over time, lasting for between eight and ten washes. INSTAMATIC is proving particularly popular with teens and younger men and women who love the fashion colours and gorgeous pastels. Once the colour fades they can promptly choose a different colour, giving them a new look every few weeks!

Another great feature with INSTAMATIC is that it takes just 20 minutes to create a stunning new colour. What are you waiting for? Book in for an INSTAMATIC hair colour appointment now.

Do you LOVE your new hair colour? We’d love to see. Don’t forget to share images of your fabulous new Instamatic hair colour on our facebook page.

We create all sorts of amazing hair colours using the latest colouring techniques so check out our Hair Colour services for inspiration.



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