Lolas Footsteps

5-year-old Lola was born with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy which means she is unable to walk because the muscles in her limbs are wasting away. Fortunately, for Lola there is some ground-breaking treatment that has been brought into the UK from Europe. This treatment helps children rebuild their muscles and contributes to helping them take their first steps. However, due to the expense of the treatment, it’s not available on the NHS and Lola is destined for a life in a wheelchair unless the treatment is funded privately.

Lolas Footsteps

Sixth Sense Salon Director knows first hand what it’s like to live with a disability from birth, after multiple operations he finally managed to take his first steps aged 5. Dean struggled his way through his childhood until his was 14 when the doctor performed a fusion of both of his ankle joints. After this operation, Dean was told there was no further treatment and if any problems occur the next course of action would be amputation from below the knee. It was also predicted that Dean would be in a wheelchair by the age of 30. Despite this, Dean has gone onto enjoy success in martial arts including boxing & MMA. He has travelled the world, climbing up mountain ranges in the Alps and completing the Inca Trail in Peru. More recently, he plays rugby for the Birmingham Bulls in a local, national and international league. Not too bad considering he was predicted to be in a wheelchair 4 years ago.

Lolas Footsteps

By telling his story, Dean hopes to inspire people to join him on Sunday 20th May where the whole Sixth Sense Salon Team will help raise £7,000 by partaking in a Tough Mudder. All proceeds will go towards Lola’s treatment and help her take her first steps.  

6S Business Director Dean Says “As soon as I heard Lola’s story,  I wanted to help. I know exactly what I feels like to struggle with walking at a young age. I hope my story encourages people to push their limits and join my team #LolasFootsteps to help raise the much-needed funds for Lola’s Treatment”.

How you can help:

JOIN US ON SUNDAY 20TH MAY 2018 by clicking the REGISTER NOW button below:

We are running Tough Mudder Half challenge = 5 miles with 13 Obstacles. Once you have completed your payment and registration email with your full name, contact telephone number, email & postal address to receive your fundraising pack & promotional T-Shirt.

Lolas Footsteps


If you are already running the Tough Mudder Challenge on a different date, but still would like to support #LolasFootSteps – email with your full name, telephone number, email & postal address and we will send you a fundraising pack and promotional T-Shirt.


We still have options for businesses to sponsor the event and runner T-Shirts; each sponsor will receive one of 3 spaces on the runner T-Shirts and ongoing promotion through all our social media activities/channels.


The main reason we’re all doing this for to ask for donations to help reach our target final target; we will accept all donations large or small, rest assured that every penny helps.

You can donate by clicking on the image below which will take you to a dedicated Just Giving page set up for #LolasFootstep.

Lolas Footsteps



“You’re not going to change the world by doing something for one person, but you can change their world”.


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