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Meet Style Director Adi

Introducing our newest team member, Style Director Adi who joins us on Monday 19th March 2018.

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4 Reasons To Consider Hair Extensions Today

Who hasn’t toyed with hair extensions at some time in their life but dismissed them as being too expensive, too fake or just too, meh, high-maintenance. It’s a pity, because today’s hair extensions are so fuss-free and totally affordable. Not only this but they offer a wide range of benefits that you might have overlooked […]

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meet me at mcdonalds

Say, What? “Meet Me At McDonald’s” Haircut Is A Thing!

A school in England has taken the decision to ban a haircut known as “Meet me at McDonald’s” which has caused much confusion amongst the wider population! Questions ased include; what exactly is this “Meet me at McDonald’s” haircut and how did it get so rife that it requires banning? Not just this, but how […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Hairstyle

Your hair should be your crowning glory, making you feel totally fabulous every single day. But what if your tresses aren’t making you shine, lacking lustre and leaving you feeling a little bit, well, meh? Well, then it’s probably time for a change – the hairstyle that made you feel simply fabulous at twenty might […]

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What Your Hair Colours Says About Your Personality

The way we portray ourselves to the world says a lot about us.  The fact is, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and the colour we choose to dye our hair provides extremely revealing insights into our personalities. You might think your hair colour is only determined by your skin hues and eye […]

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Vidal Sassoon Lives On In Our Hearts (And Walls)

Sixth Sense Salon has commissioned local artist Mark Howard to produce a portrait of Vidal Sassoon using one his most iconic images from the 1960s. The artistic process took over 6-months and will be unveiled in Sixth Sense Salon on Wednesday 17th January, on what would have been Vidal’s 90th Birthday.

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2016 Awesome 6S Team Awards

On 3rd & 4th January this year, the Sixth Sense Salon were whisked away to London where they were invited by Wella Professionals to use their state of the art facilities to hold the 2018 AWESOME Team Awards.

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hair transformation

Hair Transformation: Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

At Sixth Sense Salon, we believe that a new year is the perfect time to switch-up that image and it can start with a  something as simple as a hair transformation. Afterall, Coco Chanel once said “someone who is about to change their hair is about to change their life” . Think about that for a […]

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hair trends

5 Hair Trends For 2018

New year, new you – heard it all before, right? Don’t worry, we’re big believers that you can change your hair anytime you want but there is something magical about entering a new year with a bit of va-va-voom which is why Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield) have put together […]

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brand hair

Don’t Fret, Brunette! Bronde Is Still The Bomb!

If you are a brunette, it’s time to forget everything you know about going blonde. No longer does lightening your hair mean reverting to those chunky highights of yesteryear, these days wannabe- blondes have so many techniques at their disposable.

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