2015 Hair Trends

A great way to update your look to make you feel simply gorgeous is to have a new hairstyle or colour. Have you thought how you would like to wear your hair in 2015?

If you want a change of hairstyle and need some inspiration come and talk to one of our expert team at Sixth Sense Hair & Beauty. We are ready and waiting to give you the best haircut and hairstyle you’ve ever had!


See what our predictions are on the hottest hairstyle trends for 2015 at Sixth Sense.

Messy Waves and Curls

2Eureka!  2015 is the year for having hair that looks a little… well… messy! Just roll out of bed and go!  Actually, it isn’t usually quite that simple if you want casual looking hair that looks stylish.  You’ll need a great haircut, a little knowhow on how to style it and the right hair products.

Short Hair Cuts with a Difference

232Short hair will continue to dominate the style stakes in 2015.  Short hairstyles can look cool and trendy or elegant and sophisticated.  We can create short pixie cuts, blunt bobs and quiffed short hairstyles.  You can even wear your hair in a messy style, adding texture and movement with the right hair styling products.

1970s Feathered Style Fringes

17We predict that the 1970s will be big news in 2015.  We’ll be taking inspiration from the music, fashion and hairstyles from 35 years ago but giving your hair a modern twist.  If you’re thinking about adding a fringe, go for a feathered fringe that gentle frames the face. This flattering cut can be styled forward or swept to the side at a moment’s notice.

Casual Braids & Ponytails

Have some fun with braids and ponytails during 2015.  It’s time to get creative!  Messy chunky plaits will continue to be a trend for 2015 but be a bit more daring and try plaiting extra strands into the traditional three-strand braid, or work out how to do a fishtail.  As for ponytails, scrape your hair back into a ponytail and then add bands all the way down for a loopy look!

Hair Colour Trends for 2015

11Ombre is one the hottest hair colour trends in 2015 and there are so many different options that can be carried out on just about every hair colour.   And don’t forget that we have a fabulous range of Instamatic muted pastel colours too!

Red and blonde will be popular colours for 2015.  Opt for an all-over bright red colour or striking red highlights, or ask for blonde razor lights to be added around your face for a multi-dimensional sun kissed look.

For more on hair colour services take a look at our hair colour at Sixth Sense Hair & Beauty.

Men’s Hair Trends for 2015

173Men’s hair trends don’t tend to make a sweeping change from season to season like clothing trends do, but a key look for men in 2015 is texture for a sophisticated, masculine look.  Quiffs will remain popular and we predict we’ll see more men opting for a new hair colour and growing their locks longer.  If you do decide on a new style, remember to keep it looking stylish with regular hair appointments at Sixth Sense.