2016 Awesome 6S Team Awards

2016 Awesome 6S Team Awards

On 3rd & 4th January this year, the Sixth Sense Salon were whisked away to London where they were invited by Wella Professionals to use their state of the art Wella World Studio to hold the 2018 AWESOME Team Awards.

As part of the trip down South, we also treated the team to inspirational customer service training by internationally acclaimed trainer and close salon friend Julie Eldrett; during the training the team were reminded of the core values of the Sixth Sense Salon mission statement “To Make Everybody Feel Like Somebody” along with advanced communication techniques to ensure that our clients feel totally at ease with our team.

Next up was Sheila Jackson – Events & Education Director for Wella and Regional Trainer Rob Howes who excitedly talked about some of Wella’s big plans for 2018 and how the 6S Team were to be involved.

After a super motivational presentation by Salon Directors Dean & Dean, we then went on to announce the 2018 AWESOME Team award winners:

Retail Queen, Rebook Rita & Educator of the Year
Conna-Rae Caldicot

Most Improved Stylist
Amy Gaskarth

Front of House & Newcomer of the Year
Mandy Dawson


Future Superstar of the Year
Brittney-Mai Wickson

Funniest Moment
Tash Gaynor

Hairdresser & Employee of the Year
Anthony Brigart-Johnson

Outstanding Contribution
Lauren, Leah, Natalie & Charlie


After the awards ceremony, the team were then introduced to Karbon Kyd – Jayson Gray, who has worked all over the world as the international creative director with Toni & Guy and who has recently joined the Wella Education team as a Global Creative Artist.

Jayson inspired the team by creating 3 beautifully coloured looks on stage using the new Colour Fresh Create range which the team are now using the salon.

Finally, after all of that action the team were ready to go home, but not back to Sutton Coldfield; instead, Directors Dean & Dean had booked a luxury apartment overseeing Buckingham palace where they had a PJ party, played games and laughed until their stomachs hurt.

Such an amazing weekend for a very we deserving team; massive thank you to Wella for having / putting up with us, to Julie Eldrett for as always inspiring our team to deliver excellent customer service, the Sheila & Rob for everything you do for us and last but not least Mr Jayson Gray for his stunning training session.

Now, bring on 2018 for the best hair salon in Sutton Coldfield!!!