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2017 Hair Trend Predictions

Hair Trends at Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield

Well, it’s that time of year again – where the Sixth Sense Team have a big pow-wow and put their heads together to predict exactly what trends are set to be epic news for the year. We’re ordering our supplies in accordance and preparing to have some fun with new colours and shapes.  Here is what our team is betting on:

Future Superstar Leah says. . . .

Balayage Is Still Big

Hair trends 2017, Balayage Kate Middleton Sixth Sense Salon, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Balayage made its debut in 2015, soared to popularity in 2016 and is set to stay in 2017. It’s popular amongst many a celeb (Jessica Biel and Kate Middy to name a couple) because of its freestyle nature. No foils, no caps – just your colourist’s hand, a board and a brush (in fact, Balayage quite literally means “to paint or sweep” in French). It’s almost like painting your hair and the result is beautifully sun-kissed locks with less noticeable re-growth. J’adore. 

Salon Director Dean says. . . .

 Blondes Have More Fun

Hair Trends 2017, Blonde Hair, Beyoncé Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

The notion that blondes have it better has been around for a while now, but 2017 is set to fully endorse this. Watch as brunettes take on ash tones, red-heads become golden and blondes flirt with near enough peroxide.

 Style Director Tash says. . .

 Flirt With A Fringe

hair trends 2017, fringe hair, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Every year there is a place for a fringe, this year that fringe is blunt, one length with an equally blunt mane. Muses with the 2017 fringe are Katie Perry and Alexa Chung who know that there is nothing sexier than a sharp fringe perfectly parked above on fleek eyebrows.

 Stylist Kimmy says. . .

 Stencil and Style

hair trends 2017hair trends 2017, hair stencil Sixth Sense Salon, Sutton Coldfield

2017 it set to be a creative year, after 2016 gave us Tinsel Hair, Succulent Hair and Rose Gold, 2017 is set to bring us stencil hair and pastel hues. Hair stencilling sounds simple, but it’s actually a very intricate work of art whereby a stencil is hand-designed, delicately crafted and then sprayed on to the hair. It’s already trending on Instagram #stencilhair and is set to define 2017. It’s not just stencilling that we’ve got to be excited about, since 2017 is set to bring us wonderful arrays of colouring options all inspired by the work of Guy Tang. And of course, you can bet there is going to be a lot of green after Pantone crowned it the colour of the year.

Future Superstar Amy says. . .

 Buns Are The Business

hair trends 2017, balareana bun, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

It’s not always about the cut or the colour, sometimes the year is defined simply by an up-do. Who can forget how the messy bun shaped 2015 and gave many a girl an excuse to not wash their hair?  So popular was it, that in 2016 the men caught on and the ‘man-bun’ became a thing. Well, 2017 will see the bun continue in popularity – but this time it’s taking inspiration from ballerinas; super chic, smooth, big, mid height and fringeless. If you want an on-point up-do, the ballerina bun is your go to.

Creative Director Conna-Ray says. . .

 Contouring Counts

hair trends 2017, hair contouring, sixth sense salon, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

In 2017, the beauty world is set to be dominated by the contouring trend – a technique that works to sculpt and shape the face by adding light. What does that have to with hair? Well, since the hair and beauty industries co-exist you can expect that, as fashionistas work to define their face shape through cosmetics they also start to be aware of how the hair can complement the face. We’re expecting a lot of “what hair style works with X face shape?” questions so come by and chat with us, we’re ready and waiting.

There you have it, the first trend predictions for the new year kick-off. We’ll be back every month reporting on what styles gained momentum in our salon and any new trends that pop up.

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The Sixth Sense Team