4 Festival Hair Ideas

Festival hair used to pretty much equal a Fedora hat but thanks to evolutions in dry shampoos, festival hair has got a whole lot more glam. Here our are top four festival ready styles for summer:

Summer festival styles from your experts at Sixth Sense Salon (your number one salon in Sutton Coldfield) 

Perfect Ponytails 

4 Festival Hair Ideas

Ponytails are the easiest style to try at home but they often get a bad wrap for being not the most stylish.  Thankfully, this season, the fashion world gives all us busy women a gift by announcing that the ponytail is back! Yep, grab your hair elastics because the style that gives us all an extra unwashed hair day is going to be big. The only catch being, that it’s a jazzed up, textured ponytail.  Thankfully, getting texture is easy to achieve by ensuring your hair has a wave, a curl, a crimp, a plait or even a feather!  Yes, anything goes really, as long as it adds details and texture to your ponytail – get your Glastonbury game on. 

Big Fat Plaits

 4 Festival Hair Ideas
Big fat, schoolgirl, plaits are back with a bang!  This time it’s all about very loose chunky, ponytail plaits, very similar to what you would have worn as a schoolgirl.  If your hair is long enough to achieve this look then you can maximize it by first putting your hair into a ponytail and then backcombing from the tip to root. This backcombing will thicken the hair and have the plait, itself, appear more chunky. 

Performance Ready Buns

4 Festival Hair Ideas

The ballerina bun is big for summer.  We are talking really sleek hair, secured at the back of head, in a chic knotted bun.  Last season was all about the very high messy bun but this season it’s all about the smoothness and the height of bun is irrelevant, you can have it nestling on the nape of your neck. To get this look throw away your big bun donut and work with your own hair.  You can do this by securing hair into a ponytail, then parting it and working sections in on itself.  

Centre Separation

The centre parting is back and we aren’t talking soft but sleeked down and striking. This the anti-bouffant statement because it’s actually all about sleeking down hair right from the root and showing off a ruler straight parting. Hair can either be worn up or down and, if down, the ends of the hair can even be tousled and full of volume, as long as the root remains sleek.  To get this root use a tail comb to achieve a straight centre parting and work with straighteners to sleek down, fixing with a wet look gel or spray. The best bit about this style is the fact that it excels with greasy hair – bonus! 

If you have festival tickets this summer, enjoy and go forth with on-trend hair thanks to our experts at Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hairstylists in Sutton Coldfield).