4 Reasons To Consider Hair Extensions Today

Who hasn’t toyed with hair extensions at some time in their life but dismissed them as being too expensive, too fake or just too, meh, high-maintenance. It’s a pity, because today’s hair extensions are so fuss-free and totally affordable. Not only this but they offer a wide range of benefits that you might have overlooked including the opportunity to hide a bad haircut, outgrow a fringe or experiment with a colour without any risk. Look passed the preconceptions and read on to learn how hair extensions just might serve to make your prom, your wedding or even your life. Here are the top four reasons to consider hair extensions today. 

Rapture Hair Extensions Available At Sixth Sense Salon 

Add To Hair Length

hair extensions

Starting with the most obvious, hair extensions add hair length. Well, duh but tear with us here while we explain that most people are programmed to only grow their hair to a certain point before it starts breaking or looking ratty. No matter how patient or caring you are, if you just can’t get the long lusted after locks you crave, hair extensions are your perfect solution.

Undo Haircut Remorse

hair extensions

No matter how epic our Sixth Sense stylists are, at some point in your life you might just inflict on yourself a haircut that you regret. You know, going in for a trim, feeling suddenly adventurous and leaving with a Pixie cut. Gone are the days when you had to be Zen as you waited for regrowth, hair extensions offer an instant solution to getting the hair you want as you, well, grow in the hair you want. Moto of the story – fake it until you make it.

Colour Me Beautiful

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When it comes to colouring hair, there is always a risk that it will not only look bad but also cause some damage – especially if the B word comes into play (bleach guys, we mean bleach!). Worrying about damage is a legitimate concern but this is where extensions can step int. They provide a simple tool to allow you to experiment with hair colours without any long-term commitment.

Va Va Voom

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Hair extensions don’t just add length, they work to add volume which can stand to benefit anyone but especially those suffering from hair loss or thinning of the hair. In fact, they work to provide the volume you once had (and more, if you so choose) in a totally natural way. This is thanks to the development of different weights that allows you to pick hair extensions that totally work to flatter you!

If any of these reasons have piqued your interest, then why not pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hair salon in Sutton Coldfield) and let us bring you up to speed on Rapture Hair Extensions.  Rapture is the new hair extension system for women (and men!) who want non-detectable hair extensions that scream “awesome hair”. What’s more, Rapture hair extensions in Sutton Coldfield will give you length and volume without ruining the integrity of your own hair. Interested? You aren’t the only one. Celebs including Catherine Tyldesley, Katie McGylnn and Gemma Collins are already converted to the magical powers of Rapture. Book your appointment today.