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4 Steps into Spring

With all the Fashion Weeks totally behind us, it’s time to take stock, shake off those winter layers and look forward to a new season. Seeking inspiration from Spring, we saw that runway make-up trends were geared towards healthy and dewy skin, bright lips and doey eyes. Whereas hair inspiration was much broader in context, starting with a throwback to the 80s (we’re talking perms and mullets) and ending in tight braids (and everything in between). Here we give you the lowdown on the 4 must-have hair trends for the new season and what to ask for when you sit in our new and improved chairs! 

Banging Braids

hair trends

In our opinion, braids never went away but, for spring, they’ve been elevated to the exclusive league of Dior. On the catwalk, the designer-house used braids to make a distinctive statement, forget about the romantic and loose plaits we know and love and think tight and precise. Think boxer braids, uber tight Dutch and the return of dreadlocks.

To get the look: If the tight braid is for you, be sure to prime the hair first with a good wax or primer which helps strands stay together and adds a good grip.

Springy Curls

hair trends

As temps heat up, humidity can play havoc with hair. Instead of reaching for the straighteners and serums, we suggest you embrace your waves and curls because the faux perm is back. Said to be inspired by the epic series “West World”, the prairie curl look is back. While this isn’t a go-to for every day (due to the serious commitment to creating curls if you aren’t gentically predispositioned) but it’s a unique style for any special spring occasion (may we suggest a wedding or two!).

To get the look: Pick your curling tool carefully, all are serious contenders including tongs and rollers. Remember that bigger is the better, which means not holding back on your setting spray after curling – the more, the merrier!

Uber straight

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If you are a certain age, you might remember the enteral teen quest for straight locks, well it’s time to get those GHDs back out and begin your journey again. Retro straight hair, centre-parting with no fringe is set to be de rigueur come spring.

To get the look: While this look suggests straightening is key, the perfect chic and polished straight look is actually all about the blow dry. Blow dry from root to tip and just use your straighteners for quick once-over set.

Go Green

hair trends

Every season there is a hair colour that shocks mainstream and excites fashionistas. This season the colour that is set to be elevated above all others is green (thanks to Pantone for giving it the nod as colour of the year 2017). If you missed the succulent hair trend, it’s not too late for you to still go green.

To get the look: The secret to nailing green is to make it look luxurious, think emeralds and metallics for a polished and expensive look.

If you are local, and these trends are for you, pop by to Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield to learn more about how to get this look.