Festival Hair

5 Hair Styles With Festival Feels

Festival Hairstyles at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

It’s that time of year again, festival season is upon us. Parklife just kicked things off last weekend, and a rampage of festivals will follow suit. When it comes to festival hair, fun-seekers face two main challenges; firstly, most festival looks (garlands and plaits) have been done to death, secondly, let’s talk practicality, namely, how to get epic statement tresses with no shower, no straighteners and a pocket mirror. Don’t worry though, we have your back with advice that is so much more than ‘don’t forget your dry shampoo’ * – read on to learn more.

* but, seriously, DON’T! 

Fragrant Hair


No festival hair list is complete without the mention of “dry shampoo”, but did you know that festival goers are stepping up their game not just with de-greased hair but also fragrant hair? Perfumed hair mists are totally ‘de rigueur’ and we’re crushing on this one by Jo Malone. The fresh blossom smell is guaranteed to make you feel fresh and smell it too, even if the reality is more ‘three days since last shower’.

Banging Braids


It’s something of a blessing that the celebrity favourite Coachella already took place in April, because it’s given us some hair porn inspiration for our own Festival styling. This year, Coachella was all about braids – but not as we know them. We’re talking about tiny braids right in the parting, double braids coiled into buns and even the return of the braided dreadlocks. Better still, we’re talking about multi-coloured braids and a sprinkling of glitter – which makes it the ultimate trend for even those with shorter hair that can’t be fully braided up

Space Buns

Space buns have something of a poster girl in Katie Perry, who frequently dons them for her go-to music festivals. Easy to create, space buns are two heavy buns parked high on the head. They offer the benefit of working best on hair that isn’t newly washed, while also managing to keep hair away from pollutants which only serve to make it greasier. While this isn’t a style that can be slept in, it’s easy to create again the next morning – no matter how dire you feel.

Cap Cover Up


We’ve had the Fedora and the Trilby, but this season sees festival goers opting for a new no-brainer. Step up – the baseball cap! Not only does it provide protection against the sun’s rays, it also serves to cover-up hair which is a bit past its wash by date. The trick to avoiding looking slovenly or sporty, is to let enough soft waves stay on display.


Pimp Your Ponytail

 The ponytail is an easy option for hair that is less than fresh, but it can often look a bit, well, meh. To overcome this, pimp your ponytail with a wide range of temporary colour options including sprays and chalks. For the best result, don a ponytail that is high and straight – we aren’t suggesting you pack your flat irons, but try and get it sleek and chic before you set off. Then work to colour hair in sections, with the help of a festival friend.


For more inspiration, pop by to the Sixth Sense Salon (your number one salon in Sutton Coldfield) for a chat. Happy festival-ing!