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5 New ‘Do’s for the New Year

2017 is right around the corner and can we just be honest and say that some of us are not all that brokenhearted to say see you later to 2016? We are excited for new beginnings and you better believe that means new looks and new hairstyles. So let’s take a gander at some of the hair trends for the new year and see what strikes your fancy.

Eye of the Tiger

 One of the big new colour trends right now is “Tiger Eye”, which sounds like it might involve orange and black stripes, but thankfully doesn’t. Rather #tigereyehair colour takes its name and hue inspiration from the gemstone (called Tiger’s Eye, natch) and incorporates coppery or caramel highlights with a warm chocolate base. If you’re in the market for a new colour palate for your hair that doesn’t involve purple or blue or grey, give this one a try.

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Put Some Bling On It

Hair accessories aren’t the bobby pins and banana clips of your youth anymore. Glamourous headpieces, elaborately jeweled barrettes, beautiful ribbons—these are the latest and greatest ways to add a little something extra special to your hair. A style as simple (and on trend) as a low ponytail or ballerina bun can up amped up to eleven with the addition of a velvet ribbon or gold chain.  

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Let’s Shag

The shag is back, baby and is a great look for both guys and girls. A messy, mid-length, 80’s inspired yet updated shag cut was all over the runways this fall as a versatile look for both men and women. And if you’ve got a natural wave to your hair all the better—embrace it and run with it. If you’ve got fringe, leave it long and wavy and work it into your shag cut too. You can tuck your shag cut behind your ears or leave it wild and untamed; just channel your inner Alexa Chung, it all works.

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Embrace Your Curls

One of the biggest trends of the past few years that doesn’t show signs of stopping is embracing your natural curls. Whether you’re rocking an afro or puffballs or forgoing blowouts for beachy waves, work with what you’ve got and go natural. Big hair is unapologetically back and curly haired men and women everywhere are beyond delighted.  

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Not Over the Undercut

The undercut was a big trend in 2016 for both men and women and it isn’t going anywhere just yet. This cut isn’t for everyone, but it is a great way to up your style game and even be a little subversive in your look. Women—you can shave one side, “tattoo” in a shaved hair design, incorporate your undercut into a bob or hide it under long hair, just showing it off when you want to. And it’s a really versatile and more arguably more mainstream look for men who want something new and fresh and edgy but who can’t quite pull-off a mohawk at the office. So, what do you say—why not come in for an over-the-top undercut to ring in 2017?

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