5 Party Hairstyles

5 Party Hairstyles


It’s December and you know what that means—more holiday parties than you can shake a sprig of mistletoe at. No matter if you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or all of the above, you are guaranteed to have a holiday party or twenty-five to go to over the next few weeks and we are here to help you look your best for each and every one of them.  Maybe it’s a fancy dress office party or a neighbour’s ugly holiday jumper party (why are we’re still doing those again?). Whatever the occasion and outfit, we’ve got your holiday hair options covered—from sleek and sophisticated to smartly messy and magical.

Sleek and slick

First up—one for both the guys and the gals—the slicked-back look. Men; this is a great way to transform your everyday hair into something special. You can do either the all slicked back or one with a sharp part—both look great when done properly. Use a proper comb and make sure it’s nice and neat and you will be the talk of the shindig. Women; you can also rock the slicked-back look and you don’t have to be married to Kanye to pull it off. Try the gelled look with a deep side part, or with a 1920’s inspired finger wave; the wet-look is an intriguing way to totally change your locks without doing anything permanent.

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Plaits, glorious plaits

 Yes, the braided look is here to stay and there are so many ways to make it fresh and fun and fancy. Try adding some velvet bows to your plaited pigtails, go for an intricate braided crown, a side plait, or try the medieval-inspired look and braid away with abandon.

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Sweet buns

Buns aren’t just for eating this holiday season—the ballerina bun is everywhere, and you don’t need to have Kate Middleton’s glorious tresses to make it look perfect. Try a double knot at the base of your neck or a pulled back bun on the top of your head. Make it messy and romantic or add some jeweled pins or something glittery and really get your fancy on.

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Blown out or blown up

Getting a classic blowout for your holiday party is always a fantastic look and topping your tresses with a headpiece could be the real pièce de resistance. Or, go the opposite and go big—volume, curls, rocking your afro—the bigger the better is definitely in this season. If you’ve got natural curls push them to their limits, if you don’t, break out the curling iron or the crimper and just have fun with it. 

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Parting is such sweet sorrow

To create a dramatic look for your holiday party, why not try a completely different parting than you normally wear? Whether it’s a deep side part (a look that was all over the runways this fall) or a slick center part, do something really striking to change up your appearance for your soirée’s this season.

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