five best blondes

5 reasons to go blonde this summer

Fancy going blonde this summer?  We check out five gorgeous blonde colours to inspire you when it comes to your next hair colour.   We are experts in delivering the most beautiful hair colours so book your hair appointment now to get set for summer.

Platinum Blondes at Sixth Sense Hairdressers

Platinum is one of the top hair colours for 2015 so if you want to turn heads, choose this cool white shade. But be warned – platinum hair colour needs constant attention so make sure you keep it well moisturised, invest in regular trims and keep your regrowth under control!

Beach Blondes at Sixth Sense Hair in Sutton Coldfield

Sun-kissed highlights will give you that beach babe blonde look.  Add some tousled curls and you will look bang on trend for summer 2015.   We can run highlights uniformly throughout your hair or paint on some ‘babylights’ for a more natural look, with pretty blonde strands to frame your face

Strawberry Blonde Looks at Sixth Sense Hair & Beauty

The most innocent of the blonde hues has to be the strawberry blonde.  With a slight reddish hue, this blonde looks stunning if you are naturally fair, blonde or have red tones to your natural hair colour.  Opt for an edgy texturised hair style if you want to steer away from looking too sweet!

Dark Caramel Blondes at Sixth Sense, Sutton Coldfield

Warm, rich caramel and honey tones colours are perfect if you don’t want to go too light.  Ideal if you have dark, brown or fair hair, we can weave some lovely caramel or honey tones through your hair to give it a lift over the summer months.

Ombre Hair Colour at Sixth Sense Hair Salon, Sutton Coldfield

We are trained in the very latest hair colouring techniques so we can deliver fabulous ombre hair colours.  We use two or more tones to create a look that graduates from dark at the roots, down to a lighter colour at the ends.  There so many ways to ‘go ombre’ including from dark to light, from light to dark (the reverse ombre), adding fashion colours to the ends, using subtle graduation or opting for a more dramatic shading.