5 Winter Celebrity Hair Trends


In winter, many of us enter a state of hibernation when it comes to our beauty and hair regime.  The cold brings with it a tendency to be more risk adverse while the bountiful options in hats and headwear makes us more prone to cover-up. Celebs, however, seem to live in another league – slaying winter with some brand new hairstyles. Whether it’s Solange and her ability to push a summer vibe into winter, or Rita Orla resurrecting the Barbie pony-tail – celebs have something for everyone. Here are our favourite 5 styles for you to try:

Kristen Stewart – Faux Undercut Crop

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Channelling 1990s David Beckham, Kristen Stewart has gone for a deep side parting and swept it over to one size for a faux-under cut styling. The key to this look is hiding all your length as best as you can, sleeking sides right back and securing with pins – from a distance, you should make them think you’ve gone for a crop. For colour, channel Beckham’s bleached blonde crop with platinum tones which look really striking against a winter staple of black.

Solange – Brushed-Out Waves

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Remember the rule about never brushing out your curls?  Put it to one side and let curls be curls. Take your brush and go wild loosening up for your curls, making room for volume and even frizz. A refreshing Bohemian trend for winter, which is traditionally a time that sees us a bit more uptight. Unashamedly don a winter hat without worrying about hat hair (the struggle is real).

Rita Ora – The Barbie Doll Ponytail

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Do you remember styling your Barbie doll with mashoof ponytails?  Hair is going nostalgic with a nod to the 80s and voluminous ponies. It’s an easy look to recreate because it works best on hair that isn’t just washed, nor does it really require brushing – simply pull up and go. Or, for more volume, you can back-comb the length or even reach for your retro crimpers. If this style sits well with you, why not experiment with some side positioning? (bleached double denim not included).

Gigi Hadid – Hair, Hair, Hair

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Proving that good hair never goes out of season, Gigi Hadid goes for length and volume. In terms of colour, work to add dimensions with different tones – which stops hair being a little bit too flat. This look relies on really taking care of your locks with conditioning treatments and regular trims (or, you know, cheat and go for extensions – sorry not sorry).

Ruby Rose – Covetable Crop

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Proving that the crop has so much potential is short-hair ambassador Ruby Rose. Think that having short hair gives you fewer options? Follow Ruby’s lead as she styles a quiff, a side parting and even a sweeping fringe. Ruby even experiments freely with colour and, since the length is so short, it’s simple for her to be blonde one day, brunette the next. The chameleon haircut is perfectly flattering to Ruby’s personality. If you’ve thinking about going short for a while, take a chance – it might just be the best Christmas present you’ve ever given yourself.

Love, The 6S Team xx