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6 Habits To Break For Healthy Spring Hair

It’s the season for shiny, healthy hair – providing you get on board and start cooperating!  Believe it or not, some of the things many think are serving to help create luscious summer locks might actually serve to be detrimental in creating the tresses you covet.

Read on to learn how these 6 little bad habits, might be preventing your hair transitioning from drab to fab.

Bin the sun in. . . please!

6 Habits To Break For Healthy Spring Hair

As summer starts to creep up, we start to see a lot more brassier blondes and brunettes than usual. The reason? Sun In! That supposed miracle worker, which performs the job of a salon colour in one, fraction-of-a-cost, bottle. Only it’s nothing like the Goddess it claims to be since it’s essentially peroxide in a pot and will only serve to do what peroxide does – namely;  lift but not colour. Permanent professional colouring relies on a process of lifting and depositing, whereas Sun In skips a  full stage altogether and leaves hair tragically damaged and totally dried out. Our advice, get your hair coloured only in a salon!

Tip: But if you are a natural blonde, who wants a little bit of a sun-powered seasonal lift, then squeeze some lemon juice into your locks. Believe it or not, the heat of the sun serves to open hair cuticles while lemon juice serves to lift colour. Notice the onus on ‘natural’ blondes here!

Use the right products

If you’ve sat in our chairs, you’ll know that we really stress using the right products for your hair type. This isn’t part of a sales push, it’s because we really care about ensuring you have products that keep your hair looking great weeks after you leave us. This philosophy holds especially tight for those with coloured hair, we know it’s tempting to buy a high-street ‘one size fits all solution’ but when you’ve spent so long getting the best colour – why go and ruin it all with a shampoo? Watch the video for further motivation! 


Quit smoking

6 Habits To Break For Healthy Spring Hair

We probably don’t need to add another reason to the extensive list of ‘why you shouldn’t smoke’, but count damage to your hair as another factor. The fact is, cigarette smoke dries hair out which makes it more susceptible to damage. On top of this, let’s be honest, cigarette smoke stinks and creates a horrible environment for healthy summer locks to not only thrive, but impress. 

Pimp up your ponytail

This season, fashion just loves a ponytail and we aren’t ones to diss this overly easily, highly chic go-to for busy girls. However, (there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there?) your love for ponytails might actually be serving to damage your hair by creating constant pressure in the same place. Good news is, the solution is really simple – mix up your ponytail locations, opting for loose holds and throw in some alternative fixtures (like pins) and you’re all good.

Stop treating conditioner like shampoo

6 Habits To Break For Healthy Spring Hair

We love a good condition as much as the next person, but it’s time to address the fact that conditioner is not shampoo. In case anyone needs a recap, shampoo serves to clean hair from the roots while conditioner provides moisture where it is needed the most (i.e. THE ROOTS). So, if you’ve been treating conditioner like shampoo, it’s time to break the habit since conditioner on your roots creates greasiness by leaving a film behind which causes oil build up.

Clean your brush

Be honest here, how many of you wash your hair brush frequently? What if we told you that your brush is a home to dead skin cells, bacteria, and germs. . .bet you’re running to wash that brush now! Brushing your hair with a brush that isn’t clean isn’t conducive to obtaining that beautiful silky hair you desire, now is it? Follow this step by step video below on how to clean your brush properly (no thanks needed).


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