6 Holiday Hair Tips

6 Holiday Hair Tips

Summer can prove to be such a punishing time for your tresses – especially when faced with nemeses like heat, sun, humidity, sand or chlorine. Going on holidays (and so far away from your favourite Sixth Sense Salon) can be a worrying time – what if your hair turns green? what if it goes to straw? So many variables might make you think you need to keep everything under wraps which is why we have detailed up all the best ways to protect your hair on hols.  Presenting, Sixth Sense’s top 6 holiday hair tips. 

Holiday Hair Tips From Your Number One Hair Experts At Sixth Sense Salon (Sutton Coldfield). Who are not jealous at all. . . .

Loosy Goosey 

Sun exposed hair is prone to dryness, so you really should avoid inflicting tight hairstyles on to it. These types of hairstyles are damaging to sun-exposed hair, pulling and tearing it and causing breakage. Instead, opt for soft and comfortable styles like a loose plait or braid to keep hair under control whilst minimising exposure from the sun.

Skip The Wash 

Believe it or not, frequent washing strips your locks from the oils that are naturally produced and commences a cycle whereby hair stimulates the production of additional oil to compensate. The ultimate way to break this cycle is to skip hair washing. Of course, we know that summer hair can often be prone to excess greasiness (thank you sand and sun creams!) but try simply rinsing with water to see if this eliminates some excess oil.

Stay Cool

If you don’t already know this, heat is uber-damaging to hair so it’s best to inflict it wisely, after all, sunny day hair is exposed to a significant amount of heat anyway and additional heat will only serve to create more damage. Instead, why not opt to let your hair air dry – not only does it take hardly any time at all but simple serums help keep frizz at bay.


Don’t forget your scalp when it comes to protection, afterall a dry scalp is not the most fertile ground for lush locks. There are many ways to add SPF to your locks, with a shampoo that contains UV protection or with a specially formulated SPF hair spray. However, we simply recommend running your hands gently through your tresses after you have applied sunscreen to your body.

Apres Sun

Much like your skin needs some After-Sun care, your scalp craves it too. Spritz a leave-in conditioner from root to tip to restore vitality and moisture. 

Cover Care

OK, we said this would be the low-down on how to survive covering up but don’t forget to take the option to add a hat or head scarf when the occasion calls for it. Not only with this prevent your hair drying out, it will also leave your colour totally in tact. 

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If you are jetting off to sunnier climes and want some advice on how to keep your tresses in tip top shape, make an appointment with Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hair stylist in Sutton Coldfield) for a chat! Bon Voyage!