6 Styles To Survive A Heatwave

6 Styles To Survive A Heatwave

Summer Hair Ideas at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

Most of the country is currently in the throes of a heatwave, which is delicious for, oh, about an hour. We are, after all, British – which means thoughts quickly turn to it being “too hot”. Of course, no one has our sympathies more than the ladies (and gents) who have longer than average tresses and need to survive tropical temps whilst minimalizing both frizz and the very real risk of over-heating. Don’t worry though, while summer might not lend itself perfectly to Kardashian style sleek hair – it does allow for updos aplenty. So, whether you are suffering the sun at home, or totally enjoying it abroad – be sure to check out our summer hairstyles that keep you cool (in all sense of the word).

Braids for brunch

We love front plaits because they ensure hair is tightly swept away from the face by performing like a headband, while the side ponytail keeps the back of the neck cool. If the temps are uber demanding, you can simply clip the bulk of the ponytail up in a bun, and release before brunch. Braids are a great weapon for keeping your hair positioned away from your face but also serving to look stylish.

Pile it high

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If you are blessed with curls that defy gravity, why not work with it by piling your locks high on the top of your head? Not only will this style help to keep you cool, but it will also ensure that hair doesn’t become a nuisance as things heat up.

Ponytails rule

Guilty of thinking that the ponytail lacks enough substance? Think again. The high ponytail is totally on-trend for lunching and brunching – while still being practical. The key is to forget about chic and sleek and to simply grab and go. If your hair is heavier than the average tresses, secure with two (or even three) hair bands for the ultimate hold.

Cute chignons

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Messy chignons, or dishevelled buns, are an easy way to style back hair in summer. They are easy to do and are guaranteed to stay in place. To take the look from day to night or do give it some quirk, why not add bling with some sparkly hairclips or stay bang on trend with a bandana? 

Ballerina bun

The ballerina bun is big news, and it’s the perfect as temps get tropical. Not only can this style be worn all day, it also has the super power of keeping your locks in optimal condition so that when things cool down, you can simply unravel and go.

Finally, keep the fringe

Monday morning fringe for Jaz

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If you are loyal to your fringe, don’t worry – it can survive summer. True, a fringe can be problematic as it gets hot – after all, it gets in your eyes, it tends to cause sweat, but it doesn’t mean you need to break up! Instead, opt for an ‘above the eyes’ shorty that will stay out of the eyes and prevent you getting hot and bothered.

Six summer styles guranteed to leave you cool this summer, happy heatwaving! Pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one salon in Sutton Coldfield) to discover more.