Celeb Short Hair Dos That Might Inspire You To Get A Chop

It’s Time To Rock a Short Hairstyle at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sixth Sense

You know the drill – new season, new hair so it makes sense that against a backdrop of Kardashian style uber long locks, many celebs are opting to stray away from length in favour of bob cuts which serve to flatter features. Fans of the bob include Jennifer Lawrence and Kelly Rowland (and many others) who are frequently spotted with chic ‘dos that just seem so effortless.

The following pictures of bob haircuts come with a warning; they might make you want to chop off your locks. Sorry not sorry. 

Jennifer Lawrence

bob hair

Managing to look polished yet undone at the same time takes skill; J-Law brings us hair lessons that don’t drain our brain. Just look at how this bob serves as the answer to all hair prayers because it works on so many levels. First up is the colour – a beautiful ombre take which goes from dark roots to uber bright tips. Then there is the shaken-up style that J-Law totally owns – notice how her layers are teased into curls that are so perfectly imperfect?

Kelly Rowland

Bob hair

Kelly Rowland famously went from long to short last year in two (seemingly) easy steps. Her first chop was from a long style to a shoulder-length bob which was quickly superseded the next day by this razor-sharp version. Everything about this ‘do just screams low-maintenance, so if you’re struggling with long hair that just isn’t worth the effort – it might just be for you!

Rashida Jones


Rashida Jones is a bit of a chameleon of style; flirting with long locks to short and then back again. However, despite her flirtation in length, Rashida does stay true to one thing and that’s the love of a good fringe. Now Rashida is rocking a chin length bob, she opts to put the length behind her ear and keep her fringe on the brow. So, while a bob might mean less opportunity for wearing hair in an updo, you should never underestimate the sassy power of a good ear-tuck.

Taylor Swift

bob hair

Sticking with fringes, Taylor Swift gives us a lesson on how to create a fringe from where there is none. She simply opts for a sweeping side parting and ensures that the length cuts across the forehead to create faux bangs with bite. While she seems to be a bit fickle with her friend list (just check out her recent social media!) our girl Taylor is really loyal to the bob because, well, it works. 

Kelly Osbourne


Not just content with a sleek and chic long bob, Kelly opts for one of the season’s most covetable colours. A delicate balance between lilac and silver, this ‘do highlights the bob’s versatility for cutting and colouring. What’s more, if you opt to cut as you colour – know that your colour is going to look uh-mazing! This is thanks to the fact that colour loves freshly cut (optimal condition) tresses.

And remember, if in doubt, a chop need not be forever – not when we also offer the best in hair extension technology from Rapture Hair (hair extensions from your number one salon in Sutton Coldfield). Just sayin’.