CIACAC, Brazil Charity Donation Update

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You may remember that last Christmas we donated money along with another Sutton Coldfield business to the charity CIACAC in Brazil.

If you missed it you can find the origional article by clicking here.

The Dean's & Neauza
The Dean’s & Neauza

CIACAC was founded to help the children from the slums of Brazil find a safe place to learn and continue their childhood for as long as possible.

The conditions of the slums and high number of gangs in the area often mean that children are drawn into a harsh and unforgiving world at an early age.

Charities such as Ciacac and wonderful volunteers such as Neauza can really help change and shape a young child into making the right choices for them by offering them education and teaching them tolerance when it’s needed most.

And this is where our help comes in, by donating and raising awareness, we can help Neauza and others like her, realise their dream of helping young children, that without Neauza and her charities continued support may not grow into adults.

The Children favella The Children

But in February this year, the money that we personally donated helped take the children we visited away from the slums for a whole day of fun and excitement that is sometimes taken for granted here in the UK.

These trips are important, they help the children interact with others their age in a safe, secure environment that may not be available to them on a normal day. They also get to enjoy themselves and act like children, ensuring they don’t grow up to fast.

The children along with Neauza and some other wonderful volunteers were taken to Farm Toucan, where there is a large water slide, pool and park area for the children to play in, they were there for the whole day and the money we raised also provided the children with transport to and from the farm and food for the entire day.

This might not seem a lot for people in the UK and other countries like ours but to these children and the charity itself, days like these are unfortunately hard to come by, which is what makes them so special.

We were sent some amazing photographs from the day and we were pleased to see so many smiles from the children as they splashed and played.

Knowing that we helped make this happen has made us very happy and we are incredibly proud to have been able to help these children if only for one day and we are glad that they enjoyed it.

If you would like to valuteer to work at the CIACAC or donate some some to the charity, please click here for more information.

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Article written by Business Manager Dean Robertson. For more blogs go too: Sixth Sense Blog Page