Dean’s Gym Hair Hacks

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Now 2017 is in full swing with everyone joining (and hopefully still going to) the gym, Salon Director Dean @ Sixth Sense Salon shares his 10 top hacks to remain beautiful while working out at the gym

In this world for women of color, hair care is a major financial and emotional investment. Often, it takes priority over a night of dancing in the club for fear of sweating out a fresh style. We know there’s nothing worse than hair flying all over the place in your face while you get fit. Hair can be out of the way and beautiful while you work out.

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If you still look cute at the end of your workout you did not train hard enough. Because we know the soul always know what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. So try these hacks and hit the gym in style.


  1. Use dry shampoo: 

Spray it directly onto roots before your workout to absorb sweat and oils. If you find that dry shampoo makes your hair appear ashy or powdery, or causes your locks to feel heavy or gritty, you’re likely not using it correctly. I would recommend the EIMI Dry Me shampoo available at our Sutton Coldfield Hair Salon.

  1. Condition hair before gym:

When you wash your hair before gym, be sure to skip the water-downed shampoo and conditioner that’s usually stocked in the shower. Instead, suds up post-workout with deep conditioning hair products. When you’re next in the hair salon, ask your hairdresser for the best conditioner to use.

  1. Wear a headband:

To protect your hair from breakage caused by tight elastics and hairpins, try holding the hair back from the face and shoulders with a handkerchief or cloth headband.

  1. Before going to gym:

Before running to the gym always prepare your toiletry kit and be sure to remove your make up because when you sweat it does not look good and the makeup will clog out your pores when you perspire. But if you still insist on putting a light makeup be sure to choose water based one.

  1. Moisturize:

Showering strips your skin of protective oils. With your skin still slightly moist after towel drying, apply a moisturizing facial cream, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Follow up with lashings of body lotion on the rest of your body. Choose fragrance-free moisturizers with restorative vitamin E.

  1. Just Wash the Bangs:

You can skip washing your entire head and instead, work with the texture that is left from the gritty workout. Leave your hair as wavy as possible to allow it to look clean. Wash your bangs with shampoo and conditioner. Blow-dry it and you are done. Pull you back in a pony-tail if you are feeling conscious.

  1. Use a Cream Blush:

Instead of using powders that can end up sticking to your skin and looking awkward. Use a cream blush, which will help you get a bronzed look while melting into your skin.

  1. Put On Your Face Mask:

If you find yourself still looking red long after the workout, apply a quick face mask. Leave it on for several minutes and it will help get rid of the top layer of dead skin. The result is an instant glow.

  1. Use oil absorbing cloths: 

A hot and sweaty workout, followed by a hot and sweaty locker room, can leave you looking oily even after you’ve done your makeup. Use an oil absorbing cloth to get a more matte look if you’re still glistening excessively before you step back into the office.

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Article written by Salon Director Dean Vinning, for more blogs go too: Sixth Sense Blog Page