Dear Santa, Christmas Lust List: The Dyson HairDryer You Can’t Hear

We know we are guilty of it, blasting a hairdryer into a client’s ear whilst still trying to hold down a conversation (we can’t help it, we like to talk!). Hair salons are noisy – what with the hairdryers, the sound-track and the inevitable chit-chat we all get carried away with.  However, it seems Dyson have taken our plight on-board and come to the rescue with their ‘Supersonic’ inaudible hairdryer and, boy, do we love it.



The Brief

Legend has it that James Dyson issued his team with the brief to create a hairdryer over which he would be able to speak to his wife while she was drying her hair. The Dyson engineers met the challenge by  upping the blades in the motor to 13 (an addition of 2, compared the standard hairdryer) which serves to push the sound frequency to a range that is inaudible to human ears (it’s not been confirmed if your pooch will hear it). The motor itself is then surrounded with silencers, propelling it to ‘Supersonic’.

Curves In All The Right Places

Dyson have created a state-of-the-art hair laboratory, and the hairdryer is the very first product release. The product launched back in June, but an upsurge is predicted in December when those on the ‘good list’ start asking Santa for one. 103 engineers worked on the Supersonic and along with the ‘silent’ brief, they were also asked to  abolish blow-dry arm-ache – something we are all too familiar with. They smashed the brief and we are happy to report the new hairdryer is lightweight but also powerful, in part because of the digital V8 engine that is housed in the handle avoiding any top heavy feeling.

In terms of results, the jets are very controlled which makes drying and styling not just quick, but precise. On top of this, the Dyson hairdryer actually works to protect hair by avoiding overheating –  it does this by measuring the temperature a whooping 20 times a second, ensuring your hair is never exposed to extreme temps.

Sold? Well, before you buy, let’s think of the Dyson as the brand new Ferrari of the world and not forget that it’s existing in a world of Audi’s, that have been owning market share for quite some time.

Wella Works Hardest

If Dyson thinks they can just step in and grab the  hairdryer industry then they are seriously underestimating the power of our good old favourites Wella. While Dyson have only launched one model, Wella have a vast portfolio of hairdryers, with something to fit everyone. Some of our favourites include the Sahira Light, which offers the same ergonomic comfort as the Dyson, and the Sahira anti-satic, which pretty much lives up to its name.



Wella have been creating hair products for years, whereas Dyson’s technological know-how focuses totally on appliances used to clean the floor. The question remains, how much is silence worth? (Dyson think £299.99 by the way).

It might seem old-skool to abide in the camp ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ but we kind of like the buzz our faithful Wellas have about the place.  Which of these would you like to find in your stocking this Christmas?