Desperately Desiring Blonde

Desperately Desiring Blonde

We’ve taken note of our newsfeeds where celebrities are preaching that blonde is back (although, we aren’t sure it ever really went away). This, in itself, isn’t new. Every summer we are met with the same requests for sun-kissed hues but this usually means highlights on mid tones or lightening up those already in the blonde camp. What makes the desire for blonde hair totally different this summer is the number of requests we are getting from dark haired girls for blonde hair – RIGHT NOW. That’s right, more and more girls with dark locks are asking to go blonde and confusing us for some kind of magicians who can make hair change colour instantly. The fact is, while we can make anyone go blonde – the reality is, it probably won’t happen immediately. Read on to learn more.

It’s all about pigment

On a base that is darker than light brown there are a wide range of orange and red pigments in the hair. You probably can’t even see them, but rest assured they are there and it’s these little pigments that determine how long it will take for your hair to go blonde. By time, we mean how many sessions because, realistically, going blonde requires several sessions which all equate to time, money and trust!

We mention trust because as you start your colour correction journey, you have to be totally confident that, while your stylist has their sights on the end game (getting you blonde ) they are also ensuring that your hair is in amazing condition every time you leave the salon.  Condition matters so much, because, ultimately, it’s going to determine when your hair is ready to cope with the transition – and there is nothing else you can do (bar looking after your hair) to speed this process along.

 But Instagram did it

We know!  One day Kim Kardashian is a brunette, the next day she has gone platinum. Unfortunately, everything about social media makes us think that results are immediate but, more often than not, the photos are out of sync and often weeks apart. We anticipate that Khloe Kardashian’s recent transition to blonde took at least 8 sessions – judging by all the press photos that can be gathered from her journey. 

Of course, as is the case of many celebs, a stylist has dedicated hours (and we mean 9 or 10) to applying over 5 sets of highlights in one sitting. But this service is usually reserved to those with a large disposable income to dedicate exclusively to their immediate blonde coveted colour, and isn’t always the best thing for hair.

That aside, if you do want to transition – here are our top tips for getting the hair colour reported to make you more fun:

1)    Take our advice on what needs cut from the length – this will help speed the colour transformation up.

2)    Use our recommended products and don’t charge us with the soul responsivity of your hair care.

3)    Don’t pressure us – nothing you can do or say can make you become blonde faster than your hair will cooperate.

Remember nobody said that the journey would be easy, but it will be worth it. Here is some blonde hairspiration to inspire you: