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Don’t Fret, Brunette! Bronde Is Still The Bomb!

How To Go Blonde at Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield

If you are a brunette, it’s time to forget everything you know about going blonde. No longer does lightening your hair mean reverting to those chunky highights of yesteryear, these days wannabe- blondes have so many techniques at their disposable. Thanks to ombre, balayage and foiling you can expect a softer transition from dark to light as well as subtle highlights that are placed around the face for maximum flattering effect. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that lightening hair is just for summer, an injection of blonde can go a long way to cheering up the dullest winter or making you shine at any festive party, bronde is also a must have hair trend for 2018. 

Brunettes here we take you through 5 of the top reasons to flirt with blonde – hereby known as bronde. 

  • You won’t lose your look (promise!)

If you’re a brunette who is contemplating blonde, you might fear that your only options are bleaching. Don’t worry, though; instead of a totally contrasted effect, let us introduce you to ombre –  a more sun-kissed way to get the bronde effect. If think of your tresses after a holiday in the sun – you go a long way to capturing the essence of this new take on bronde (if only the holiday was included!). Just think – you, but better!

  • It’s softer on hair

The previous blonde lightening techniques might have left brown hair damaged (think cotton candy in texture). However, the bronde revamp ensures that highlights are not specifically limited to the ends, but are around the face (known as the Halo effect). By lightening sections higher up the head, you ensure that the product is engaging with stronger tresses, but that it also serves to lift and flatter features.

Not only this, but with new blonde techniques, the need for bleach can actually be eliminated if you opt for golden browns which are less damaging than their true blonde sister. 

  • Low key maintenance

We were going to save this one for last, but it’s too good to make you wait. Blonde equals low maintenance. This is because highlights are not just starting at the root or finishing at the tips, and are instead blending naturally into the hair. This ensures minimum grow out effects and less time spent having touch-ups.

  • It works on any style

Short hair? Don’t care! While traditional takes on going blonde might require some length, bronde highlights know no limitations. On the contrary; this baby works on all lengths from short to long – providing a truly versatile take on this season’s trend. 

  • It’s all in the shade

Don’t make the mistake of putting blonde in a box, as there are so many different takes on this technique. Think caramel, toffee, coffee, bronde fudge, and ash – all beautiful tones serving to work with the natural colouring mother nature gave you.

If you are interested in going bronde this season or in the new year, pop by to Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield for a chat.