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Extend the Beauty of Your Hair With Hair Extensions

Extend the Beauty of Your Hair With Hair Extensions

Beautiful Hair Extensions in Sutton Coldfield at Sixth Sense Salon

Before you discount hair extensions as the stuff of C-listers Instagram accounts, let us introduce you to Rapture Hair Extensions at our Sutton Coldfield salon– a love affair with beautiful hair.

OK, in a perfect world, you’d all eat your greens, treat your hair to deep conditioning treatments, have it trimmed monthly and sleep only on satin sheets. This lifestyle of a Queen would serve to grow your luscious locks into selfie statement material totally worthy of the Kardashians. However, because we are aware that you have that little thing known as, well, a LIFE – we’re offering you up this little celebrity secret. No thanks needed. 

Rapture is the new hair extension system for women (and men!) who want non-detectable hair extensions that scream “awesome hair”. What’s more, Rapture hair extensions in Sutton Coldfield will give you length and volume without ruining the integrity of your own hair. Interested? You aren’t the only one. Celebs including Catherine Tyldesley, Katie McGylnn and Gemma Collins are already converted to the magical powers of Rapture.

Add Colour with Hair Extensions in Sutton Coldfield

hair extensions sutton coldfield

Back in the day, hair extensions were developed with only growth and volume in mind. However, the Rapture hair care system is specifically designed with colour at the forefront. Whether you colour match for red, blonde, or brunette you can rest assured that the colour is perfectly blended into your natural locks. Unless you don’t want it to be! In fact, Rapture hair extensions are an amazing way to jump on the colour trends currently infiltrating your newsfeed – use them to create beautiful balayage finishes or to contour.

Protect not Punish

Heard the one about the hair extensions that actually damage hair? Turns out, it wasn’t a joke which is why the good people at Rapture have worked so hard to develop a patented medical adhesive strip that puts no pressure at all on your hair or scalp. In fact, even damaged hair can be masked by Rapture extensions without putting any extra stress on it. Meaning that your own hair can grow into something awesome whilst wearing the extensions.

Fuss Free Hair Extensions at Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield

hair extensions sutton coldfield

If you thought extensions were high maintenance, think again. At Sixth Sense Hair Salon, your number one location for hair extensions Sutton Coldfield, we’ll apply your Raptures and kick you out of the door for another 6-8 weeks. What’s more, you’ll be able to use the same hair for up to 6 months (what other fashion investment promises such longevity?).

Care Label

If you are new to extensions, don’t be overwhelmed. Raptures care instructions are pretty easy. Simply treat them like normal hair and you are good to go. This is also true when it comes to styling because they are 100% human hair, they lend themselves to curls and straightening just like your hair would.

Hair Extensions Removal at Sutton Coldfield Hair Salon 

hair extensions sutton coldfield

When it’s time to have your hair extensions removed, we promise that removing a Band-Aid is more painful. On top of this, the quick removal system takes the tediousness out of the process.

hair extensions sutton coldfield

In fact, Raptures are so fuss-free – delivering all of the results with none of the pain. The only downside is that they prove to be totally addictive  – don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

If you are local, pop by to Sixth Sense Hair Salon (your number one location for hair extensions in Sutton Coldfield) for a chat.

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