Top Tips for Fine Hair

Fine or thinning hair is the arch-nemesis for many women around the world but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

The experts at Sixth Sense Hair & Beauty in Sutton Coldfield dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding thin hair, and share our top tips on how you can make the most out of fine, lifeless locks!  Plus we now offer an amazing NIOXIN hair strengthening and thickening treatment to help men and women who suffer from fine, thin hair or hair loss.

Many hairdressers would agree that fine hair is the best because it is easy to manage with a little know-how and the right hair cut and products.

Sixth Sense’s Top Tips for Fine Har

Thin hair doesn’t have to look and feel lifeless! Follow our simple top tips to create the illusion of having thicker hair…

go chic

1. Go Chic

Get a blunt or one-length haircut at Sixth Sense in Sutton Coldfield to make hair look fuller and thicker at the ends.

2. Stay Short(ish)!

Try not to grow your hair too long. The longer it gets, the stringier it appears!

3. Conditioner Is Your Friend!

Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, not the roots. This prevents your hair from becoming weighed down. Conditioner will actually help prevent the split ends and breakage that can make fine hair look thinner!

Products for Thicker Hair from Sixth Sense Hair & Beauty

SP-balance-scalpWella System Professional Balance Scalp is designed for people with thin hair and scalp irritations.  This hair mask includes an amazing Energy Serum which is designed to reduce hair loss by up to 50% and stimulate the supply of daily nutrients for stronger and thicker hair.   Ingredients include caffeine, biotin, lauric acid and vitamins, designed to increase the supply of nutrients to the hair and makes thinning hair stronger so the lifecycle of the affected hair is extended.  It also delicately balances and soothes sensitive scalps.

SP-Liquid-HairWella System Professional Liquid Hair helps rebuild damaged hair to give you smoother, stronger, healthy-looking hair. It has been developed to restructure the hair’s keratin structure which can become sensitised and fragile as a result of everyday life.  The first step to transforming hair is to reinforce and rebuild the fibres which have become weak, resulting in breakage, split ends and a disappointing lack of shine.  Liquid Hair uses an exciting new Molecular Hair Restructurer formula to rebuild the hair’s protein structure which can become damaged by environmental and chemical factors such as UV rays.


SP-volumize-infusionWella System Professional Volumize is a great product for adding volume to your hair.  Ideal for people with thin or fine hair, this range of shampoo, conditioner, mask, emulsion and infusion will nourish your hair without overloading it.  This will create light and long lasting volume.

Styling Ideas for Fine hair from Sixth Sense

fine hair-Choose a hairstyle that is longer in the front and shorter in the back, as this style frames the face and creates fullness at the back of the head.

– A relatively short cut is often best for women with limp or fine hair, as length will weigh it down.

– If you are hoping to have fuller looking hair at home, then it is also a good idea to use our recommended volumising shampoo, conditioner, and styling products before blow-drying.

– If you blow-dry your hair upside down, it can add serious volume to even the thinnest hair!

– Hair worn forward and to the side over your forehead can cover up thinning or receding hairlines and make it look fuller.

– Another great trick is to change your parting every few days. This way, less scalp is seen, you can add volume around the parting area and you also have different ways to style your hair.

-When it comes to hair colour, choose multi-tonal lowlights to add depth to you hair and make it appear thicker.  Block colour and light colours will only accentuate your fine hair.