Funk It Up With A Fringe

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Update Your Hairstyle With A Fringe at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

A new season can see many of us restless and itching for a hairstyle flip-up. However, before you jump on the impulse to chop or colour, let Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield take a minute to convert you to a fringe.

Disclaimer: the downside of a fringe is that it’s easy to chop in but not so easy to grow out – a fringe isn’t just for the beginning of the new season, it’s for the whole year.

Nevertheless, don’t let the commitment put you off as a fringe is an easy way to crawl out of a hair rut, instantly refreshing a style and even serving to draw attention to features like on fleek eyebrows or killer lashes.  In fact, when you find your hairstyle lacking lustre, there is nothing that can flip it better than a fringe and here we prove it with our top selection of types to freshen up all faces.

Fringe for a square face  – long

fringe hairdressers sutton coldfiled birmingham

 Square faces are distinguished by their powerful, almost masculine features. Typically characterised by a strong and wide jaw, those with square face shapes need fringes to softly counter these heavy features.  An ideal fringe for those who share the square of Nicole Richie, is long and eye-grazing with heavy sides, refreshing the whole look by adding softness and femininity.  The length is just below the brow, meaning it does need regular maintenance, but ask any one of us to feather in the centre section so that it feels light above your eyes.  

Fringes for round faces – graphic

fringe hairdressers sutton coldfiled birmingham

 Those with round faces have to practice caution when it comes to fringe flirtation as they can actually serve to make this face shape appear even fuller. The trick is to opt for graphic, daring, and thick fringes that are less wispy and more structured. If you share the same face shape as Jennifer Hudson, the key is to create a fringe that serves as a talking point – for all the right reasons.

Heart-shaped face – side

fringe hairdressers sutton coldfiled birmingham

 Heart-shaped faces can often be top heavy, so a side sweeping fringe can not only serve to freshen a look but totally change it by balancing features.  If you are blessed with a heart-shaped face, take inspiration from Reese Witherspoon who is rarely seen without her bangs. Ask any of our stylists to cut a side fringe where the shortest bit hits the eyebrows.

Oval shaped face – anything goes

fringe hairdressers sutton coldfiled birmingham

 If you are genetically blessed with an oval face (and in the supreme good company of Lea Michele), feel smug knowing that every single fringe type will not only serve to freshen your style,  but will also flatter your face. We suggest asking for a fringe that hangs just below the brow so that you can wear it straight with a middle parting, or swept to the side whenever the mood takes you.

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