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“You don’t just lose your hair, you lose your confidence, your identity and you can no longer hide to the world that you’re fighting for your life” – Julie Emery.


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Gift of Confidence was an initiative set up by Sixth Sense Salon in Sutton Coldfield to offer complimentary NIOXIN services to women who have lost their hair through cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Follow the journey of six super inspirational women who Sixth Sense Salon have been working with over the past 12 months to help grow their hair back. Meet Julie Emery who has been the face of the salon but a lantern of hope for ladies all over the world who have followed her 12 month journey on her video diary documenting her hair growth and amazing positivity throughout her treatment.

On Sunday 25th September, Sixth Sense Salon will be putting on a sensational production as part of our second birthday celebrations.  Julie and others who have battled cancer will join professional models in an unforgettable show that will be filled with bespoke choreographed lighting / special FX, creative makeup and handmade clothing.

Julie Emery will reveal her final look after 12 months of complimentary treatments from Sixth Sense Salon. We will finally be able to add some colour into Julie’s hair as the date marks a year since the end of her chemotherapy treatment.

The show will be an emotional but inspirational rollercoaster with all of the ladies revealing their fabulous hair along with stunning outfits and beautiful make-up expertly put together by the Sixth Sense Salon Creative Team.

Come and join us for this sensational show which forms part of the 6S Story So Far Birthday event  at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall on Sunday 25th September.

Tickets are £10 with ALL proceeds going directly to Breast Friends Cancer Charity.


Sixth Sense Salon would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of the people, brands, companies and creatives who have input into this epic event, including:

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