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Gym Hairstyles For Men

Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Men at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

You probably aren’t talking about your hair with your workout buddies or discussing flyaways with your personal trainer. That’s cool, that’s why we’re here. We know it’s not just women who worry about their hair looking good and holding hard at the gym, so here’s our round-up of the best gym hairstyles for men. Whether your hair is long or short, we’ll talk you through gym worthy styles that perform as hard as you do.

Au Naturel

gym hair men

So, your signature style might well be your floppy locks, and you don’t want the gym jeopardising this. Don’t worry; you can still maintain the softness of your tresses while sculpting them into a style that won’t irritate you as you get active. Get your hands on a hard holding wax and work to lift hair vertically, then style back away from your face.  A wax will work to provide texture, while still maintaining the softness that suits you so well.

Pomade It Up

gym hair men


With pomade products, you have guaranteed hold that won’t interfere with your dead-lift or push-up. Better still, something about the slicked back hair holding product fits so well with the hard working environment of the gym. Think sleek and not sweaty, as hair is held away from the neck and forehead. With pomade products, you have an on-point style that will see you straight from workout to office, without any maintenance.

 Create a quiff

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Whether you wear your bangs high or low day-to-day, a quiff can be a great way to style your fringe specifically for the gym. With a quiff, your hair is styled vertically and neatly out of the eyes – keeping all of your focus on your workout.  Here, the trick is in the cut – keep the front manageable for styling and the sides super short. 

Wear it up!

gym hair men

 As every female gym bunny knows, nothing beats an updo for the ultimate hold, no matter how active you are. If your tresses are longer than average, be sure to slick it up into a ponytail or high-bun for a functional and fun style. Our top tip for a maximum hold is to secure your tresses with two (or even three) hair bands, which will lift locks away from your face no matter how hard you run, jump, or lift. And remember, hairbands and hair buffs will serve to keep your hair away from your face for any cardio workouts (we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – accessories are not just for girls). 

If you’re a gym bunny, remember to let us know and we’ll put our barbering skills to great use by crafting a style that performs as hard you do. If you are local, pop along to Sixth Sense (your number one hair salon in Sutton Coldfield) for a chat.