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Hair That Takes You From Gym To Brunch

No Fuss Hairstyles at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

If your workout tends to happen during the early hours (bravo!), you might be searching for a hairstyle that serves you all day with no fuss. For all you active girls, Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield have done the hard work for you with a full round-up of tried and tested gym hairstyles .  If you are looking to begin your day right after your workout,  it’s important that you opt for updos that ensure no hair irritation during your dead-lift, but still look chic enough for those well-deserved post workout brunches. Read on for inspiration.

Braids for brunch

We love a front plait because it ensures hair is tightly swept away from the face by performing like a headband, while the side ponytail keeps the back of the neck cool. If your workout is uber demanding, you can simply clip the bulk of the ponytail up in a bun, and release before brunch. Braids are a great weapon for keeping your hair positioned away from your face but also impressing the girl on the mat beside you.

Pile it like a pineapple

If you are blessed with thick long hair, why not work with it by piling your locks high on the top of your head? Not only will this style help to keep you cool, but it will also ensure that hair doesn’t become a nuisance during your workout. This means that it won’t need to be washed post-workout and, best of all, it’s glamourous enough for dining! 

Ponytails rule

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Guilty of thinking that the ponytail lacks enough substance for après gym? Think again. The high ponytail is totally on-trend for lunching and brunching – while still being practical for the gym. The key is to forget about chic and sleek and to simply grab and go. If your  hair is heavier than the average tresses, secure with two (or even three) hair bands for the ultimate hold.

Cute chignons

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Messy chignons, or dishevelled buns, are an easy way to style back hair for a workout. They are easy to do and are guaranteed to stay in place during low to medium intensity workouts. To take them to lunch, why not add bling with some sparkly hairclips or stay bang on trend with a bandana?  

Ballerina buns

The ballerina bun  is big news, and it’s the perfect style to take you from the gym to lunch. Not only can this style be worn all day, it also has the super power of keeping your locks in optimal condition so that after your workout, you can simply unravel and go. 

Half up / half down

If your hair is lacking in length, you can opt for a half up/half down style but keep the bulk of it away from your face and neck by securing in a relaxed braid. Simply,  start from the front, braid back and secure with a hair band.  If you want something that stands up to higher intensity, tighten the braid or work to create two braids – one on either side. 

If you are an gym lover, why not pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one salon in Sutton Coldfield) to have a chat about your perfect style to see you through planks, lunges and brunches. Alternatively, have a talk to us about our Rapture hair extensions, which allow you to have short hair and add length whenever you want!