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OK, it’s winter and it’s cold – which might explain celebs’ recent penchant for Rapunzeleque hair! After all, who needs a scarf when your hair can be wrapped multiple times around your neck? Uber long, silky locks have been seen on Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Jourdan Dunn but in the real world, hair that grazes the hip is rare. Read on to see why the waist-length hair might just be reserved to A-listers.

long hair

Epic Extensions

Rhianna’s luscious looks are sleek, chic and coveted by everyone. However, what we are most certainly admiring is extensions, because hair that reaches the waist would take a life-time to grow and when it got there, would most certainly not be in optimum condition. Not that we are knocking extensions, we heart them but, if you wanted to obtain this look, it’s going to come at a cost – and that is inevitably financial. The fact is, lengthy extensions are pricey. However, if you do decide to take the plunge know that it doesn’t just stop there because your extensions come with an extra side-portion of maintenance. For this look, hair shouldn’t take over – it shouldn’t be big and beautiful, more slim, chic and full of shine. We can’t promise it will be easy, but it will be worth it. Just imagine the benefits of having butt-grazing hair one month, and shoulder-length the next. All the fun of the trends, without the lifetime commitment of growing (and inevitable mourning of chopping, come the next trend).

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Hip Grazing

The artist we have to credit for the return of long hair is Chris Appleton, the man behind the statement locks of both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Chris is said to be inspired to add 32-inch extensions after musing over a photo of Naomi Campbell. “If you go back in time, it’s kind of like Naomi,” he says. “The way she wore it, she looked so iconic. It is very dramatic.”


The key to getting this look is more than just length, you need to obtain a sleek and straight finish without adding grease or weight. We suggest first using a gloss spray on wet hair before blow-drying totally straight with a Mason Pearson brush. After drying, straightening is totally essential. Now we understand that hair this length is not going to take to daily washing, so be sure to wear your hair in loose braids as you sleep (or why not indulge in some silky pillowcases to really minimise hair breakage?).


Butt length hair, while beautiful, isn’t easy to maintain which is why we suggest a mid-way length. Hair that falls just below the bra strap is still uber long but is much easier to maintain. Don’t take our word for it? Just this week, Jennifer Lawrence (who has been seen with shoulder-length hair since around 2013) stepped out with a long blonde mane which is, most certainly, aided by extensions. Although, the great thing about this length of hair is the very real possibility that you can really grow it yourself.

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