Hair Transformation: Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

Hair Transformation: Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

At Sixth Sense Salon, we believe that a new year is the perfect time to switch-up that image and it can start with a  something as simple as a hair transformation. Afterall, Coco Chanel once said “someone who is about to change their hair is about to change their life” . Think about that for a second – your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, which means that the first impression depends on how fabulous it looks! Whether it be the cut, the length, the condition or the colour – your hair tells your story so make sure it’s on the right page. Why not make 2018 the year you completely ‘go for it’ and choose one of Sixth Sense’s awesome image / life changing services? 

Change Your Hairstyle at Sixth Sense Hair Salon, Sutton Coldfield

Have you had the same hairstyle for ages and suffering from lack of  “oh, your hair looks nice” compliments?  Well, let’s change that. It’s time to visit your Sixth Sense stylist who are all ‘on fleek’ with current trends and love working with clients with all different types of hair. Our skills lie in pixie cuts right through to big bouncy blow dries. Let one of the super talented stylists loose on your locks.

Change Your Colour With Master Colour Experts in Sutton Coldfield

We know it – hair colour change is a huge step! Yes- it’s scary, it’s risky and you fear it might look totally wrong. However,  it might also serve to look totally right! It can even help you escape a boring routine and install a fresh dose of self-confidence right when you need it most. At Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hairdressing salon in Sutton Coldfield), we strongly suggest that you forget what everyone else thinks! Wear the hair colour that suits you – not just in terms of your features or colouring but also your personality. Think of your hair colour as your own personalised crown and with Wella Colour Fresh Create range, we can now create every colour in the rainbow with 1,000s of variations on top. With our award-winning Master Colour Experts, you can opt for an on-trend colour technique to create whatever your heart (and head) desires. 

Long Hair With Rapture Hair Extensions at Sutton Coldfield’s Number 1 Hair Salon

We get your frustrations, how can celebrities change their hair from a short bob to hair beneath their bum in just 1 week?? Unfortunately, there’s no potion or spell but there is a little bit of magic in the form of the ultra classy and super-easy-to-fit Rapture Hair Extensions.   Rapture Hair Extensions are the ultimate in hair glamour and are worn by the likes of the Kardashians, glamour models and many a happy Sixth Sense customer.  In just over an hour, we can fit a full set of extensions giving inches of additional length. You can even opt for a minimal amount of extensions simple to add thickness of a fuller fringe. Whatver you’re looking to achieve, we can work with your budget to make you and your hair look A-MAZ-ING.

Change Your Hair’s Condition With NanonKeratin Hair Smoothing

There’s no getting away from it, if you don’t take care of your hair then no matter what you put on it is only going to serve to make it look ‘meh’.  Hair health is always at the forefront of our service package, which is why we offer you the best in salon treatments and recommend hair care to use at home. Our team work with some of the very best ‘Salon Only’ products, luxury treatments at the back wash to keratin treatments such at NanoKeratin.  NanonKeratin gives your hair the added boost of protein and dramatically improves condition, smoothens the hair and reduces blow-dry times by up to 80%. Think of that as more time in bed and less time at the mirror! Go with your stylist’s recommendation, we are the experts after all.


Make 2018 your year –  a time when you express the ‘real’ you. Let the Sixth Sense Team guide towards being the very best version of your self. Change Your Hair, Change Your Life. 

Love the 6S Team