Hair Trends

Hair Trends Right From The Runway

Hair Trends

You’d have to have been residing on Mars to not know that September was the month of fashion. New York, Paris, London AND Madrid all played hosts to the fashion houses and their crew of muses and models who were there to educate us all on the potential of Spring Summer 2017. While most of the world was watching for the must-have clothing colour (Mango, by the way – thanks to Versace) or the must-have heel (8cm HIGH heels, Chloe – natch) we only had our eyes on one thing – the hair.

Here is our round-up of the best hairstyles straight from the runway, set to dominate your Instagram feed as early as Christmas. No thanks needed.

The 80s Power Blow Dry

The Princess Di cut is back, but not quite as we know it. Instead of undergoing a chop, this look is recreated with thick fringes and concealed ponytailing. At Phillip Lim, models donned ponytails right in their neckline (which you couldn’t see from the front) while all volume went into some bouffant fringing. The stylist behind the fashion house, Paul Hanlon, said that the look was less power-house 9-5 glam and more “end of night” – “You get the feeling that this hair was once set and its kind of fallen out at the end of the night”.


Surf’s Up

The epitome of summer is easy, undone surfer locks so we really just had to sit back and see which house interpreted it first – as it happens, it was Alexander Wang in New York. The hair-colour on the catwalks was yellow bleached blonde, if you were a child of the 1990s and ever had a run in with ‘sun-in’ you’ll go some way to imagining the shade. As for styling, it’s all about the sea-sprays and the chalky pastes which work to add some texture for a totally undone, care-free style.

Hair Trends

Sleek and Polished

When one camp yells “Surf’s Up” the other yells “straighteners NOW” and it was over at Victoria Beckham that they were working hard to portray a chic and timeless vibe. Models had long hair, which was poker straight, one-length and centre parted, and intriguingly tucked behind the ears. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic, hair that glam needs more help than you’d think with continual conditioning to keep the shine. However, the finished look is pretty epic – timeless and almost ethereal.

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The Ballerina Bun

The messy bun really has had its day, having been on a continual loop for several years now. All hail the Ballerina Bun! An interpretation of a bun which is just as easy as it’s messy sister but much chicer and polished for a style that takes you from easy Sunday afternoons, right into a boardroom. The models at fashion house Pamella Roland had buns that were as easy as a pony-tail and a circular wind round. The finishing touch was a good styling cream that worked to add gloss and shine.

hair trends

Without wishing winter away, the team are pretty excited to see these four hair trends become mainstream – we’ve been arguing about our favourite all week (I’m for the Surf’s Up, by the way). We’ll see you in the salon for these styles SOON – we promise.

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