Rose Gold Hair

Hooray For Rosé

Ok, so we knew that ‘Silver Hair’ was set to penetrate mainstream after doing the rounds on the runway at Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Celebs were uber quick to adopt, with Kylie Jenner and even Kate Moss going grey quicker than you could say “50 shades”. At the salon, we armed ourselves with supplies of bleach and purple toner and prepared to take hair hues to a place they had never been before (certainly not before the age of OAP). We weren’t wrong in our prediction, demand for silver hair remains consistently high but it’s very steadily being offset by something new and exciting, and it’s one we didn’t see coming. Presenting the. .  .

Rose Gold Hair Trend

Sometimes a trend just gathers momentum fast; quicker than hair trend magazines can get reporting, faster than celebs can get honouring and speedier than Instagrammers can get hash-tagging. The ‘Rose Gold’ trend has caught the world of hair totally unaware, not that we didn’t see it coming – just that we didn’t see it coming to such a scale. But, boy, are we glad it’s here.

Just this week we’ve met five requests for Rose Gold hair, so bear with us as we talk you through this new ‘must-have’ and explain how it caught us totally off-guard.

What is the Rose Gold Hair Trend?

The trend for Rose Gold hair was first evident back in March when Emma Roberts rocked Coachella with a hair tone that beauty mags sequentially surmised as “a Malibu sunset”. It gained some leverage again in May when actress Ashley Tisdale Instagrammed her locks in a rosy hue, which she deemed her “dream colour”. However, Rose Gold just never managed to break through the same way Grey did, little did we know it was just biding its time, waiting for the right season.

Rose Gold

Autumn Sunset

It’s almost cringe-worthy to suggest that the Autumn season demands Autumn colours because it totally doesn’t – continue rocking your platinum locks, only know that with the popularity of every trend comes an anti-establishment backlash.  The world went mad for grey and now it’s perfectly logical that from a cool palette we switch back to warm. Seems like a total U-turn?  Well, yes and no. In some ways, we get that’s it’s totally defeating to those new silver foxes who actually had a natural warm hue to their locks. However, at the same time, the revolution is fluid, after all, we simply transition from one metal hue to another. Rose Gold is set to be big for Autumn and Winter – the colour that we most want our jewellery and, even our iPhone, to be plated in. It’s hardly surprising that we’re coveting Rose Gold for hair.

Rose Gold Hair


Kudos to the Rose Gold Hair trend for sweeping us up like a hair hue hurricane, we love that new shades can still come along and make us excited. If you are interested in this tone find out more with #rosegoldhair where you find yourself in the cool company of Poppy Delevingne.

To get the look, understand a little bit behind the science. Blonde hair is going to lap this trend up more easily as it’s just a change in tones. For darker hair, it’s a little trickier as you’re going from brown to blonde which is a heavy lift. Still, fortunes favours the brave and we’ll guide you through the process needed to first go blonde and then gloss the hair to its Rose Golden best.

Your motivation might come in the fact that Rose Gold is universally acknowledged to look good with every skin tone, and it’s not often a colour comes along with that punch of a hard sell – no wonder we’ve seen upticks in requests for this soft shade. To book your appointment call 0121 448 0760 and yell “Hooray For Rosé” *

Love, as always, The 6S Team

*Ok, totally not necessary – but you’ll make our day if you do.