How To Get Perfect Wedding Hair

How To Get Perfect Wedding Hair

How To Get Perfect Wedding Hair From Your Expert Wedding Hairdressers In Sutton Coldfield

With the slug of snow and the Beast from the East period behind us, our thoughts turn to our second favourite occasion – wedding season! And what do we love most about the season of matrimony? The free-card to curl, clip, back comb, and boost our locks into chic updos that can be garnished with all types of sparkle. Because with each wedding invitation comes a free pass to style your hair into new realms of elegance. This edit is specifically catered the bride, bridesmaid or wedding guest  – so you can say ‘I do’ to style and perfect wedding hair. 

Hair Rolls

Rockabilly hairstyles are having a bit of a resurrection and weddings are totally game. Think hair rolls at the nape of the neck that are tousled and teased to eliminate any tightness. The key to the look is to start with a base of curls, which will allow for wisps to break free from the bulk of the style and serve to create a thing of ethereal beauty.  

Princess Style

Continuing the romance, Rapunzel hair is wonderfully fuss free for brides and guests alike. Simply curl hair, sweep to the side, secure –  it really is as easy as it sounds. This style has the extra benefit of being flat at the crown, which allows for garlands, veils, and fascinators without the very real risk of hat hair.

All in the Nape

Forget about updos as we know them, this soft interpretation gathers loosely at the nape of neck and is elegant yet bohemian. So versatile, this style is equally at home on at the beach, the church or the chapel – simply pretty up with flowers and diamante slides when required. Best of all, it’s a style that also serves mid length hair (no desperate growing of hair required). Because this style risks coming undone,  arm it for a day and of celebration with a good quality hairspray that really does last all day.

Plait Placement

If you are genetically blessed with bountiful hair (or know how to create it) then you have the advantage of being able to create big, stand-out plaits (which can often look lack lustre with thinner hair). Experiment with milk braids, French plaits and fish-knots to channel a wedding day vibe that Millie Mackintosh would be proud of. Just ensure that your curls stay fizz free with curl defining spray that works to define curls without any crunch.

Half up / half down – Prom Hair in Sutton Coldfield

The half up / half down hairstyle is one of the most classic bridal styles, famed for its timeless sophistication that spans eras. For a modern interpretation, add height at the crown through back-combing and hold with hefty dose of a top form hairspray. Not just for weddings, this one tops the list for balls and proms too. 

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