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Lusting For Long Hair? 6 Changes To Make Now

Long Hair Ideas at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

Kim Kardashian ( in fact, ANY Kardashian/Jenner), Vanessa Hudgens, Arianna Grande and Lady Gaga all have something in common. They are all flying the flag for the long hair club and when we say long, we mean loooooong. Bum skimming, wrap around your neck scarf substitute uber long locks.  While many a celeb turns to hair extensions to maximise their locks length potential, many others are blessed with good genetics and some just follow some awesome advice. Lucky for you, Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield are adminstrating this advice below – so read on to learn how to get desperately long tresses. 

Adjust Your Diet

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Your hair is nourished most by protein, if consumed in combination with a healthy balance of nutrients.  This can start on the inside by, generally, paying attention to what you eat, the same why you would if you were looking after your heart.  It helps to think of your hair like a little plant, what you put into the roots and on to the leaves are going to be vital to it’s growth and development. Keep this at the forefront of your hair maintenance routine, even if you aren’t very good at gardening!

Fact is, balanced eating can keep hair strong, less susceptible to breaking and offerings nourishment for follicles – all optimum-growing conditions for that coveted luscious mane.

Stay in Balance

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We all know the reports of women who lose hair after childbirth, and maybe you were one of them?  This is because hair stays in a very delicate balance and is overly susceptible to changes in our body, including hormonal, stress and diet.  If you seek to have long luscious locks then try to keep your body in the natural, healthy balance.  Avoid any unnecessary stress as it causes the body to pump cortisol, which not only causes acne but possible hair disorders. And, ultimately, don’t get pregnant if at all possible (jokes). 

Massage Your Scalp

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Or, better still, get someone else to do it for you!  A head massage is meant to send blood flow to the head and provide optimum hair growing conditions (something to think about when you next have a leg massage!).

Hair Maintenance

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The fact is, hair maintenance (colouring, blowing drying, straightening) plays havoc with the condition of your hair and, while no one wants long hair that they can’t style, try and give your hair a break once in a while. It deserves a day off so let it be thanks to fashion’s savior to women, the messy bun (which you can do on both wet and dry hair).  If you really do want a daily blow dry then a good tip is to keep the hairdryer moving as you use it and not to overheat any one section.

Wash Regularly

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Heard that one about leaving your hair for so long it cleans itself? Big advocate of every girl’s go-to – the dry shampoo?  Sorry ladies-who-strive-for-long-hair, the secret is in regularly washing.  Like most things, hair thrives better when it’s free of the nasty pollutants that occur in our environment.

Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions at Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield

If all else fails, pop by to Sixth Sense (your number one salon in Sutton Coldfield) and let us introduce to the beauty of Rapture Hair Extensions. Fake it until you make it.