Wella EiMI hair styling range

New Wella EIMI Hair Styling range

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We’re delighted to introduce you to Wella Professionals new EIMI hair styling range which caters for your hair’s every need!

VOLUME – Add volume, set and curl with sprays, mousses and setting lotions.  The volume range includes a dry shampoo with great hold, Perfect Setting light setting lotion spray, and Boost Bounce curl enhancing mousse

SMOOTH – Smooth, tame and perfect your hair with the latest EIMI Smoothing lotions and creams including the Velvet Amplifier primer which is a great base for any style, and the Flowing Form anti frizz smoothing balm.

TEXTURE – Texturise, ruffle and fix your hairstyle with EIMI sprays, pomades, waxes and gels including Texture Touch reworkable matte clay, and Rugged Fix matte texturizing paste

SHINE – Add shine, shimmer and gloss to your hair with EIMI sprays, mists and pomades including Shimmer Delight shine spray and Glam Mist shine mist.

FIXING HAIRSPRAYS – Fix, craft and finish your hairstyle with hairsprays featuring EIMI’s new fresh fragrance.  Products include Absolute Set, a rock solid finishing spray with ultimate hold, and Stay Essential light holding spray which protects from heat, humidity and UV rays.