Nioxin – The Professional Salon Treatment To Thicken Hair

Nioxin – The Professional Salon Treatment To Thicken Hair


Thinning hair can be a misery, and while you think you may be alone, we want to assure you that you’re not. Thinning hair can affect anyone at any age, whether due to stress, illness, ageing or other conditions. Thinning hair however needn’t be something that you struggle with. Nioxin is a great solution and is available to our clients at Sixth Sense Salon. Want to know more about this restoring treatment? Read on for more information below.

What is Nioxin?

Nioxin is a revolutionary treatment designed to boost the thickness of hair and uses the latest technology to achieve it. It is a solution for thinning hair caused by ageing or medical conditions which works by treating the scalp in order to promote hair growth. Nioxin was founded by Eva Graham, who came up with the solution following her own experiences of thinning hair after giving birth to her first child. The treatment is suitable for both men and women, for anyone who is suffering from thinning hair or poor scalp health.

How Nioxin Works – The Science

There are a range of Nioxin treatments on offer which work to renew, repair, revive and even boost the diameter and density of the hair. Nioxin contains no sulphates or parabens which are found in most common hair products. Designed to protect your hair whilst boosting growth through effective scalp health, the elimination of unnecessary chemicals can truly give your hair the push it needs to grow fuller and stronger.

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Nioxin Treatment at Sixth Sense Salon, Sutton Coldfield

If you are interested in a Nioxin in-salon treatment at Sixth Sense Salon, you will be provided with an individual, tailored service designed to suit your specific needs.  An initial consultation will help to assess your condition and work out the best course of treatment from you. Your treatment will include therapeutic massage, cleansing, application of products and more – you should think of it as a facial for your head.  After the treatment your stylist will recommend some products to help you keep up the effects of the treatment at home between appointments.

 A New You

You will notice some of the effects of Nioxin almost instantly. Your hair will look fuller, with more vitality as well as feel strengthened. If you’ve been hiding yourself away because of your thinning hair, you’ll feel an instant boost with Nioxin, with the continuing effects helping you to reclaim that spring in your step and restore your self-esteem.

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To find out more about the great Nioxin treatments available at Sixth Sense Salon, contact us on 0121 448 0760 or book online.   Now read our article on fine and thin hair too for inspiration.