Oh La La, Olaplex!

We’re guessing that you savvy social media followers are already totally au fait with the must-have product adding Va Va Voom to hair everywhere. However, just on the off chance that you are yet to be introduced to this miracle worker or just want more deets on the product all your girl squad are raving about , here is all you need to know about Olaplex and why you really need it!

Healthy and strong hair alert

If your attention span is more suited to Twitter feeds, know that this is a treatment that is guaranteed to make your hair healthy and strong. If you can handle the long explanation, well – here comes the science. . .


3-Step system

Olaplex is a 3-step system where all three steps use the same patented active ingredient. This magic ingredient is totally free of oils, silicone and is infused with ingredients that makes tresses stronger by fusing broken bonds which have been damaged by chemicals. To learn more about the formulation and the science, read all you need to know here



The Chemistry

First up, to understand how Olaplex works it’s important to get to grips with the chemistry behind it, although the fact that Kim Kardashian credits it with her ability to go from platinum and back again without wrecking hair tresses is a pretty epic sales boost. The product was founded by Dean Christal who collaborated with scientists to cook up a molecule that could work from the insides of the hair strands to repair and add strength right where the structure has been broken down. And the beauty word could not believe that someone didn’t think of it sooner!

Who is Olaplex for?

Olaplex is compatible with all hair types and is used to rebuild structure, strength and restore the integrity of hair. It’s a product that is highly recommended for anyone that colours hairs, anyone that uses thermal styling tools (straighteners, hair driers, and curling tongs), anyone that inflicts mechanical strain on hair through brushing, combing or using hair accessories and anyone who subjects hair to pollution, fumes, sun and UV light. Ok, you get it – Olaplex is for anyone with, well, hair.

In vibrant hair hues, Olaplex can help massively to reduce fade, while in lighting services (anything from balayage to full bleaches) Olaplex can ensure hair stays strong right from the inside out. This means that you can colour and style hair more frequently, without worrying about damage! Great for those who change their hair colour like they change their clothes!

When to use Olapex?

For the ultimate results, Olpalex should be used during a colour treatment. Olpalex is not a cure for dry or damaged hair but a treatment that works on hair condition from within (unlike superficial conditioning treatments).

How do I get it?

Form an orderly queue! Seriously, simply opt (nay, DEMAND it) as an add-on next time you visit the salon.

If you are interested in learning more about what Olpalex can do for you, pop by to Sixth Sense (the number one hair salon in Sutton Coldfield) and have a chat with us.