Opal Essence Colour Range

See Hair Colour in a New Light – Pretty Delicate Hair Colours that Shimmer & Shine at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

delicate new hair colour, sixth sense hair salon, sutton coldfieldRemember when you were a kid and you’d look at the shiny side of a shell?  It was so pretty, catching the light so it looked multi-coloured…

Well, we can now create a similar effect with an amazing new hair colour!

Using Wella Opal-Essence Illumina hair colour we can give your hair a metallic milky sheen with warm and cool light reflections.  (The metallic hair colour trend is big news right now!)

There are five delicate opalescent shades to choose from, and the results will depend on the original shade of your hair.  It can even be used on virgin hair to add light and shade.

So remember, there is no depth to the colour – it’s all about adding tone to your locks.  Choose between Silver Mauve, Chrome Olive, Platinum Lily, Titanium Rose and Copper Peach.

delicate pink, green and purple hair colours at sixth sense hair salon, sutton coldfield

Pink, Purple, Peach & Olive Hair Shades at Top Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

opal essence hair colour at top hair salon in sutton coldfieldWithout getting too technical, this hair colour will reflect the light depending on how your hair moves, or whether it has waves or curls. 

The colour change will be subtle but you will see a beautiful sheen and contrasting warm and cool shades as your hair moves.  


Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me?  Ask Your Sixth Sense Hair Stylist in Sutton Coldfield for the Best Hair Colouring Advice

Talk to your Sixth Sense hair expert about the hair colour you desire.  We have a great range of different hair colouring products so can create every colour under the sun.  Whether you want to be a classic blonde, brunette or red-head or fancy the latest vibrant shades, pretty pastel hues or these delicate opalescent tones, we can help you achieve the hair colour you’ve been dreaming of.  Give the best hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield a call on 0121 448 0760 today.