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Our Team’s Favourite Summer Styles To Rock Your World

It’s that time when our team get together, lock themselves in a room and make a case for what we think are set to be the biggest trends. This time we are taking hair trends to penetrate your summer. And, as it happens, we know a thing or two about this trend prediction business,  calling out the uber popular hair countering trend way back in January. So, what hair trends are set to be big for summer? Read on to find out.

Flat Hair Forever

hair trends


If you are a child of the ‘90s you will remember when poker straight hair was thee thing (unfortunately, this was pre-ceramics – so singed hair was also a thing). This type of retro flat-ironing was replaced by the power blow dry but it seems that straight hair is making a come-back and Leah is flying the flag for it (as are we here).

Au Natural

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Gemma was all about going ‘natural’. We’re talking well maintained, healthy looking hair. Highlights are kept natural, waves are loose – much like beach hair. If you are a fan of all over colours, Gemma thinks you’ll love the subtle pastels colours which are also sympathetic to a natural statement.

Pimp Up The Perm

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Donna was also excited about the prospective of the ‘90s resurrection but, in a contrast to Leah’s flat hair prediction, Donna believes in the power of the perm. Yes, you heard right but don’t worry, the perm of 2017 is not like the one of yesteryear – just have a read here to bring yourself up to speed on modern perms and other curl alternatives.

Simple And Short

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Are you a short haired girl who can’t help but think that all trends are geared towards longer locks? Good news then, this year you are set to own the hair world because short hair is back thanks to poster girls Katie Perry and Nicole Ritchie. However, forget the pixie cut we know and love – short styles are all about statement partings (for gents too) and whacky colours (like the green recently sported by Ms Ritchie).

Simple And Sleek

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Conna-Rae believes in fuss-free hair, a minimalist moment which isn’t overdone or highly accessorised. This means saying good-bye to the balayage movement we know and love (RIP, it had a good run) and embracing all over colour. Styling is then kept simple, natural waves or a sleek straight blow dry with a centre parting.

Born Again Brunette

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The trend speaking the most to Brittney is the backlash again blonde. You probably read it here first, everyone is currently obsessed with transitioning (at rocket speed) to blonde which is why Brittney is excited that brown is expected to make a come-back this summer. Of course, blonde will never really go away so Brittney acknowledged the new shades of platinum but reminded us all that the standout statements are set to be in shades of coffee and chocolate.

Glamorous And Glossy

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Glossy hair is permanently in fashion, but Anthony told us how desperately coveted it is this summer. Almost as a backlash to this year’s colouring and contouring, the shine is back. So, if you covet beautiful healthy hair, remember to have a look at what these magic tablets can do for you!

Face Facts, The Fringe Is Back

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We’ve said it before, but we are so happy that Amy still agrees – bangs are back! We just love a fringe and there is one for every face shape and style, whether it’s flirty and brow skimming, to the side or short and choppy, fringes are the perfect statement for the summer of 2017.

 Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn



In case you’ve missed the coherent theme, natural hair is aspirational but Shan is still a big believer in unicorns. By this we mean, unicorn colours naturally worked into the hair – so no one would know they are, unless you want them to. Read more here.

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