Rainbow Roots

Rainbow Hair Colours at Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield

We’ve covered succulent hair, rosé, and we’ve even embraced the tinsel trend but we’ve yet to take you through the Rainbow Root trend currently infiltrating your Instagram feed. Brace yourself, this one has a certain charm that might just prove to be contagious.

You might already be ‘au fait’ with Rainbow Hair, and would totally be forgiven for confusing this with the Rainbow Root trend, but bear with us as we talk you through the subtle differences. While Rainbow hair (also called My Little Pony Hair, Rainbow Brite, Unicorn hair) is all about multi-coloured sections in your tresses, Rainbow Roots is much more subtle. True, Rainbow Roots follows much the same idea as it’s multi-coloured peers, even the same colour concept but the colour is confined to, wait for it, just the roots. The overall look is multi-colours sprouting from the roots, much like the budding promise of spring with colourful shoots breaking through the ground. The final results are mesmerising, what appears to be normal all over (dare we say, ‘plain’) colour is totally turned on its head when hands are run through locks, hair is worn back or even braided. Peekabo! Here is a little bit of undercover hair colour awesomeness.

Rainbow Roots

Fans of rainbow roots include Lottie Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson (of no other than 1D fame). Lottie’s cosmetic skills are evident on her beauty tutorial-focused channel, where she has taken her skills to the next level and unveiled her rainbow locks way back in 2015! Admittedly it’s taken time to catch up but finally, thanks to Instagram, Rainbow Roots are suddenly becoming mainstream. Unlike Lottie’s take on it, 2017’s update on this trend involves merging the hidden root trend and rainbow roots at once – meaning that the technicolor hues are under wraps until you want to reveal them. The technique was perfected in Australia, through Blondies of Melbourne, and is fast making its way to the UK as the perfect style if you want to keep a vivid colour job under wraps for some occasions (handy if your workplace is more conservative). 


To get the look, we bleach the roots first  so that the rainbow colour takes. Then the colour is mixed and ready to go with the stylist alternating the colours, much like a regular colour. You can opt for a straightforward strip, or have fun alternating colours and patterns. In terms of base colour, you can keep your natural hue or pick one colour from the rainbow and coordinate the rest of your hair for a truly striking finish. 

Rainbow Roots

Rainbow hair colour is just getting more imaginative every day! But remember that vibrant hues require some TLC, so wash your hair in only the coolest of cool water to keep colours bright but also to stop colour bleeding into the rest of your tresses.

If you are local, and this trend is for you, pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hair salon in Sutton Coldfield) to learn more about how to get this look.