Valentine's Day hairstyles, Sutton Coldfield hair salon

Romantic Hairstyles

Valentine's Day hairstyles, Sutton Coldfield hair salonHow are you going to wear your hair for your special evening out with the one you love? You have enough to worry about before you go out to meet your date. Where will we go?  What shall I wear?

So at our hair salon in Sutton Coldfield we are going to give all the ladies out there one thing less to worry about in time for your romantic date …  your hair!

Wherever you are going for your romantic evening you’ll want to look beautiful for your sweetheart with a romantic hairstyle. Book your romantic hairstyle appointment with one of our expert hair stylists at Sixth Sense Hair Salon and get a special hairstyle for your special night.

Romantic Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles are in vogue at the moment and you can wear your waves in a loose, almost messy style, or in more formal waves.  If you have naturally curly hair now is the time to show off your hair’s natural beauty and embrace your curls.  We can help create long-lasting curls on straight hair, or help you to tame your natural curls for a gorgeous look.

Upstyles for Romantic Dates

Perhaps one of the most romantic hairstyles if the upstyle.  You hair can look perfectly coiffed into an elegant or sophisticated updo or you can adopt a more casual, sultry look with pretty tendrils that frame your face and nape of the neck. This style works for long and shoulder-length hair that is straight, wavy or curly.

Short Romantic Hairstyle Ideas

Not sure which short hairstyle to choose?  Adding volume to your short style will give you a glamorous romantic hairstyle, while a slicked back style says ‘sultry and sassy’.  Speak to your stylist at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield for advice on the perfect short style for you – there are plenty of options when it comes to short hair. Add a stunning hair colour and you’re set to go!

Romantic Hairstyle Appointments at Sixth Sense Salon, Sutton Coldfield

Book your romantic hairstyle appointment for your hot date at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield by giving us a call on 0121 448 0760.  Have a wonderful evening!