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Say, What? “Meet Me At McDonald’s” Haircut Is A Thing!

A school in England has taken the decision to ban a haircut known as “Meet me at McDonald’s” which has caused much confusion amongst the wider population! Questions ased include; what exactly is this “Meet me at McDonald’s” haircut and how did it get so rife that it requires banning? Not just this, but how did the headmaster know how to address it by name? And where the flip did this name even come from? Seriously, is there a haircut that somehow represents McD’s iconic Quarter Pounder with Cheese (or, as you fans of the Pulp Fiction may know it, “a Royal, with cheese”) that totally passed the 6S team by? Do not worry – in case you’ve not been privy to the haircut named after a fast food chain, we have (unfortunatley) and are happy to bring you up to speed let us bring you up to speed. (Sorry!). 

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What exactly is the Meet me at McDonald’s cut?

You think of a banned haircut and you might be forgiven for thinking of some whacky dye job, slightly inappropriate for school. Or maybe you fear an uber long hair style which could be somewhat untidy in appearance (and probably unwashed). Actually, the reality is neither of these – “Meet me at McDonald’s” is actually a grade zero or a one on the sides. The hair is then slightly disconnected with a perm or curly on the top, then it’s styled to be sitting forwards.  The haircut is made fashionable by modern day celebrities (including Myles Stephenson of Rak-Su and Leondre Devries of Bars and Melody *) but it’s actually a homage to styles sported in the New Romantic synthpop scene of the 1980s.

Afterall, every generation thinks they did it first! But here is Spandau Ballet getting in some McDonald’s action long before it was ever a thing. . .

Say, What?

But even in the 1980s this haircut was seen as quite controversial with one parent from the school in question supporting the school in a statement which said: “To be quite fair [the principal is] only implementing stuff that was bog standard when we were at school.” Although, not all parents agreed with one saying: “It seems to us to be a bit silly. I don’t understand how having a haircut affects a child’s learning”. 

The Banned Haircuts

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy decided to ban the haircut because it goes against a strict haircut criteria which includes not permitting:

  • Any “Meet me at McDonald’s”
  • Overgrown, heavy fringes brushed forward onto the face
  • High-top styles of excessive height
  • Shaven parting lines
  • Hair that is teased to give excessive height
  • Any variation on the Mohican style

Seriously, meet me at McDonald’s?

No one really knows why the haircut was christened this, the only assumption is that those with this hair meet in McDonald’s? But, seriously – that’s generalising and the actual term seems to have existed since 2015 (source; the every credible Twitter) long before this haircut surfaced. There is always someone quick to take credit and teenage grime artist Little T is rumoured to be behind the cut.

Twitter Response

True to form, Twitter was quick to react to the school’s action. Here is some of its best fodder:

Say, What? Say, What? Say, What?

Say what you want, it just proves the great power of a haircut – for better or worse! What do you think of the Meet Me At McDonald’s style and was the school right to ban it? Betters still, do you you want it or would you rather have a Big Mac – pop by to Sixth Sense (your number one hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield) a line and let us know. Better still, meet us at McDonald’s. . . .