Sixth Sense Salon & – Supporting CIACAC Charity in Brazil


Two Sutton Coldfield businesses – Sixth Sense Salon and – are making a difference to the lives of children in a cartel-controlled slum area in Brazil thanks to a joint donation which was personally handed over to the youngsters by Sixth Sense Directors Dean Vinning and Dean Robertson.

neuzaThe charity CIACAC was set up 15 years ago by Neuza Nascimento who wanted to create a centre for local children so they were not left to roam the streets and potentially get involved in gang-related activities.



CIACAC working


Neuza self-funded the service and continues to offer a range of different classes with the help of volunteers from around the world. These classes include literacy, arts, capoeira (a Brazilian martial arts with elements of dance), guitar, IT, English & Spanish.



CIACAC also offer the children an escape from the slums by taking them on occasional trips to the jungle, culture centres and leisure institutions.

Neuza said: ‘I wanted to create a safe place for the children within our community where we can help put them on the right path and have the support needed to complete their education. I’m really grateful for the donation and will use the money to take the children on an educational trip away from the slums.’

Sixth Sense Director Dean Vinning said: ‘This was a really emotional journey for me. To see how these amazing people live within the slums and still remain positive is heart warming. Neuza is such an inspirational lady – what she has achieved and what she continues to do for this community by helping develop its children is incredible. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank William Spencer at for contributing half of the money donated to CIACAC.’

CIACAC are in desperate need of regular donations if they are to continue this fantastic work.  They also welcome support from volunteers who may be able to help run courses for the youngsters. To make a donation or offer support, please click here.