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3 stylish summer hair styles for him

Hairstyles for Men at Sixth Sense Hair Salon, Sutton Coldfield

New season, new hair! We know that the  air of hair dissatisfaction is not exclusively reserved to the fairer sex and, as a gent, you might have joined the girls in making it through winter with dry/damaged hair and a bit of a style funk. The good news is,  we smell your discontentment and has fathomed up some on point summer hairstyles reserved especially for him. Summer is a great time to try something new, so take a chance on a new colour or cut and shake up your style in time for the sun. 

Here we bring to you the 3 trends set to define a season and tell you exactly what to ask your stylist for once you hit the chair.

Dude looks like a lady

Men's hair trends

 2016 was praised for being gender fluid in terms of trends, it was a year that saw #ombrehair and #silverhair coveted by both sexes and the birth of ‘man bun’ (poster boy; Jared Leto). 2017 will continue its flirtation in hairstyles that fit both sexes and length will become particularly important. Think; hair to the shoulders complete with blunt or choppy fringes that can be swept to the side. Boys, have fun experimenting with clips, ponytails, and hairbands (in our humble opinion, they’ve been reserved for girls for too long).

Tip: To grow short hair long, start first on the top (still keeping sides short) or feel the wrath of the inevitable mullet. 

Not over the undercut

men's hair trends

The undercut continues to be at the forefront of 2017 hair predictions, proving that this year is really all (long) or nothing (shaved). A new season interpretation of the undercut is heavy on the top, uber cropped at the sides. This leaves a good bulk at the top which can still be styled into quiffs, extreme side partings or to pay homage to the 90s with a ‘bowl cut’ (true story, it’s back).

Tip 1: Tell your stylist that you want to go shorter at the sides but ask for them to be modest at first, it’s always possible to go shorter but takes longer to grow back. 

 Tip 2: Don’t neglect the bulk of the hair, the undercut is not the feature but just a trimming which serves to emphasise your locks. Invest in a decent styling product for shine as you style.

 Flat Top Fade

Men's hair trends
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 If you’ve been gifted with hair that defies gravity (think curly or afro hair) than the flat top is easily for you. Channelling Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the flat top does what is says on the tin, a totally flat top with a high fade (undercut) graduating to bald. If you hair succumbs more to gravity, work with styling products to first capture height and then style – it does take some work, but isn’t it worth it? 

Men's Hair Trends
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 Tip: If you have thinner or straighter hair, but still covet a flat top, invest in some top styling products that work to sustain and hold height.


If you are local, and loving any of these trends, pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hair salon sutton coldfield) to learn more about how to get this look.