Something For The Boys – Flattering Cuts For Him

The Best Hair Cuts for Men at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

While most men would aspire for the chiselled jaw line of Brad Pitt or the smouldering brow of Ryan Gosling, most have learned to accept the features nature gave them. The good news is, however, that often the genetics we are gifted can be complemented with crafty hair, make-up, and styling tricks. Here we throw a life line to men with hairstyles for autumn/winter that are actually designed to totally flatter and add facial definition that Beckham himself would covet. Here are the most flattering styles for him.

What Is A Flattering Hair Cut For A Man?

If you want something to flatter, the key is to avoid bulk but add volume. By adding volume, you create angles and dimensions that may be lacking in your face. This means avoiding avoiding long hair that works to add width. Of course, if you fall into the category of the “average man” you probably haven’t taken stock of whether your cut is actually flattering and it’s highly likely you haven’t switched too many things up since your graduation day. We get it, you’ve got a cut that works and want to disaster-proof it by refusing to mix things up. However, celebs that have fallen into this trap include Simon Cowell and Rod Stewart – and it’s up to you to decide if they are good company or not!

Millennial Curtains

styles for him barber salon sutton coldfield birmingham

Every boy-band member back in the ‘90s sported a style known as ‘curtains’ and they are making their way back into the modern era. However, unlike the Backstreet version – these curtains are long, loose and flowing.

The Skinhead

styles for him barber salon sutton coldfield birmingham

It might seem drastic to just shave it all off, but think how liberating it would also feel. What was once a ‘bad boy’ cut is now being donned on career guys and models alike. On the plus, it’s totally impossible to have a bad hair day.

Modern pompadour

styles for him barber salon sutton coldfield birmingham

The pompadour is still totally relevant because it’s a way to add appropriate height during any situation, including the office. It’s up to you how tall you dare to go, with a style that works to add height and eliminate width.

Faux Hawk

styles for him barber salon sutton coldfield birmingham

The Faux Hawk is a more dynamic than the pompadour, less preppy and more rugged. It’s a choppy and adventurous hairstyle that works to add angles to the face by putting you in control as you decide how high you want to go and how cropped the sides are.

Angular Fringe

styles for him barber salon sutton coldfield birmingham

A fringe is a great tool to break up a circular form but not all fringes are created equal. To work to add definition, only opt for side fringes that are high in the angular factor – so think choppy and ask your Sixth Sense Stylist to cut your fringe deliberately at an angle.

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And there you have it, 3 hairstyles to flatter the modern-day gent. Pop by to Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield to learn more.