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Summer Hair, Don’t Care; 6 Ways To Protect Your Hair As it Heats Up!

Woop! Summer is here and it’s time to let those luscious locks flow free. We’re talking about beach-hair, natural curls, and romantic updos. However, carefree summer hair is not always as easy as it sounds – not when faced with a nemesis like heat, sun, humidity, sand or chlorine. Don’t worry, we have your back with some easy to follow hair tips that can keep your hair manageable both home and abroad!

Cover up!

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When you’re in direct sun, cover your head with a hat, bandana or scarf! Not only will it look stylish, it will provide extra UV protection and help your scalp retain moisture and ensure your hair doesn’t dry out. What’s more, if you are off somewhere coastal that is prone to wind, know that headwear will prevent tangling and keep your colour in tip-top condition.

Keep it loose

Summer hair sutton coldfield

Sun exposed hair is prone to dryness, which is why you should avoid coupling it with tight hairstyles. Tight hairstyles are damaging to sun-exposed hair, pulling and tearing it and causing breakage. Instead, opt for soft and comfortable styles like a summer plait to keep hair under control whilst minimising exposure from the sun.

Skip a wash, or two!

Summer hair sutton coldfield

The fact is, frequently washing hair strips it from natural oils and sets it on a cycle whereby hair starts stimulating additional oil production to compensate. The best way to overcome this is to skip a wash or two. Yes, we know that hair spent by the beach can feel like it needs washed, but try simply rinsing it without a product and see if this eliminates some of the extra oil (and sand!).

Dry naturally

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Not only is naturally dried hair totally on point for summer, it’s also actually safer for your tresses. The fact is, sun exposed hair is exposed to a significant amount of heat anyway and more heat will only serve to create more damage. The great thing about air dried hair is that, in summer, it takes hardly any time at all to achieve! And, if you fear frizz, ditch the straighteners and opt for a simple serum (and remember that a sleek hairstyle only serves to the make frizz more noticeable).

Don’t go green

Summer hair sutton coldfield

It’s not a myth, many coloured blondes do go green in the swimming pool thanks to a reaction with chlorine. To counter the discolouration and rid your locks of dullness, be sure to wet your hair first in the shower before entering the pool. This will serve to ensure that your hair won’t absorb as much chlorine. Of course, the very best precaution is to wear a swim-cap but we’ve yet to work out a way to make that look good.

SPF up

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When you spritz your sun cream, don’t forget your scalp which is at the very real risk of burning. There are many ways to do this, with a shampoo that contains UV protection or with a specially formulated SPF hair spray. However, we simply recommend running your hands gently through your tresses after you have applied sunscreen to your body.

There you have it, 6 ways to protect your hair this summer. If you want any more advice pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hair salon Sutton Coldfield) to learn more about hair protection.